Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery

James Luetkehoelter

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  • 出版日期: 2008-03-28
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Many would argue that the single, most important job of a SQL Server database administrator is to be able to recover your database in the event of loss or damage. Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery helps you meet that goal by showing you how to think about and plan for potential problems. You’ll learn to anticipate and reduce the likelihood of a disaster, and to mitigate the effects of a disaster when one does occur. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll learn how to prepare so that you can return a system to its normal state quickly, ensuring system availability and the continued success and operation of your business.

Many SQL Server features and technologies are, or can be put to good use in disaster recovery planning. In this book, you’ll learn about powerful tools and features — such as Database Snapshots and Mirroring — for data backup and disaster recovery that are present in SQL Server 2005, and that are enhanced in SQL Server 2008. Also covered are common issues to expect when using these features. This book explores your options by examining the technical details of disaster recovery features and then applying that knowledge to practical scenarios.

There’s a human side to disaster recovery planning as well. Like few other activities, disaster recovery planning requires that you work closely with a wide variety of people from all across your organization. People skills are as critical to disaster recovery planning as technical skills, and perhaps more so. This book does not leave you in the dark, but provides sound advice on how to keep disaster recovery planning projects on track, how to avoid dangerous scope creep, and how to work effectively with the variety of personality types that you will encounter.

Disaster recovery planning is really about sleep. When you get the call at 3:00 am that your database is lost, don’t wake up with that icy feeling in your veins. Instead wake up with confidence that you have a plan in place, a plan that you’ve practiced, that management has bought into, a plan that you can execute even while half–asleep to get your database, your company, and your job back on track.

What you’ll learn

This book shows you how to implement an effective disaster recovery strategy for SQL Server 2005 databases. It covers:

  • Real–world examples of data loss and what might have been done to prevent it
  • A systematic, problem–based approach to designing a disaster recovery plan
  • Pitfalls one might encounter, and how to deal with them
  • Team dynamics, and the soft–side of disaster planning
  • New technology in SQL Server 2005 and 2008 that takes disaster recovery beyond the simple backup/recovery plan
  • When and why to use disaster recovery features, as opposed to just describing how they work

Who is this book for?

SQL Server database administrators


許多人認為,SQL Server資料庫管理員最重要的工作之一就是在資料庫遺失或損壞時能夠進行恢復。《Pro SQL Server Disaster Recovery》這本書將幫助您實現這個目標,教您如何思考和規劃潛在問題。您將學習如何預測並減少災難發生的可能性,以及在災難發生時如何減輕其影響。最重要的是,您將學習如何做好準備,以便能夠快速將系統恢復到正常狀態,確保系統的可用性,並確保您的業務能夠持續成功運作。

在災難恢復計劃中,許多SQL Server功能和技術都可以用於備份和災難恢復規劃。在這本書中,您將學習到SQL Server 2005中存在且在SQL Server 2008中得到增強的強大工具和功能,例如資料庫快照和鏡像。同時還將介紹使用這些功能時可能遇到的常見問題。本書通過研究災難恢復功能的技術細節,並將這些知識應用於實際情境中,探討了您的選擇。



這本書將向您展示如何為SQL Server 2005資料庫實施有效的災難恢復策略。內容包括:

- 實際案例中的資料損失以及可能採取的預防措施
- 系統性、基於問題的方法來設計災難恢復計劃
- 可能遇到的問題,以及如何處理它們
- 團隊動態和災難計劃的軟性方面
- SQL Server 2005和2008中的新技術,將災難恢復提升到超越簡單備份/恢復計劃的水平
- 使用災難恢復功能的時間和原因,而不僅僅是描述它們的工作原理

這本書適合SQL Server資料庫管理員閱讀。