Creating 3D Effects for Film, TV, and Games (Paperback)

David Santiago




"Creating 3D Effects for Film, TV, and Games" covers the detailed processes and pipelines used to create effects for a variety of multimedia. It enables effects artists to develop the best process for completing complex projects, providing an understanding of visual effects as part of the overall process of creating films, commercials, video games, and a variety of other multimedia. It is filled with detailed discussion of each step of the production process and contains in-depth interviews with leading industry professionals. From selecting the studio that best suits your talents to addressing the details put in during the final steps of creating effects, this book is the comprehensive tour guide that every Effects TD should own.


Table of Contents:

Part 1: Overview
1. The Effects Industry
2. So You Want to Be an Effects TD?
3. An Interview with John DesJardin

Part 2: Fundamentals
4. The Effects Pipeline
5. Effects Approaches
6. Different Types of Effects
7. An Interview with Judith Crow
8. Optimizing the Process
9. Effects Artists Tool Kit
10. Simulation Systems
11. Effects Lighting and Shaders
12. An Interview with Theo Vandernoot

Part 3: Practical Application
13. Breakdown and Design
14. Research and Development
15. Running Shots
16. Delivering the Elements
17. Finishing Touches
18. An Interview with Hoyt Yeatman






1. 特效行業
2. 想成為特效技術總監嗎?
3. John DesJardin 專訪

4. 特效流程
5. 特效方法
6. 不同類型的特效
7. Judith Crow 專訪
8. 優化流程
9. 特效藝術家工具包
10. 模擬系統
11. 特效燈光和著色器
12. Theo Vandernoot 專訪

13. 分解和設計
14. 研究和開發
15. 運行鏡頭
16. 提供元素
17. 完善細節
18. Hoyt Yeatman 專訪