Going Digital: The Practice and Vision of Digital Artists (Paperback)

Joseph Nalven, JD Jarvis




"Going Digital: The Practice and Vision of Digital Artists", takes the unique approach of combining a how-to guide with critical and theoretical discussion. Look behind the scenes to see how a select group of artists, each working in their own distinct style, approach a common compositional challenge. Each artist is given a set of identical images and then uses those images to create an original work of art, documenting each step that leads to the finished piece and providing discussion of how their work is enhanced by digital technology. Featuring rich imagery and instructional text guiding you through each step, each artist's presentation is placed within the context of art history and theory to stimulate thought and discussion about the challenges of digital art making. "Going Digital: The Practice and Vision of Digital Artists" provides you with both how-to knowledge practical theory necessary to create, discuss, and present art using digital technology. Also, gallery owners, curators and those who are increasingly asked to judge or place digital artwork within their exhibits will find valuable information about categorizing and why-to include digital art in their venues.


《Going Digital: The Practice and Vision of Digital Artists》是一本獨特的書籍,結合了實用指南和批評性理論討論的方式。透過觀察一群以各自獨特風格工作的藝術家如何應對共同的構圖挑戰,讀者可以深入了解他們的創作過程。每位藝術家都會使用一組相同的圖像來創作一件原創藝術品,並記錄每一個步驟,並討論他們的作品如何受到數位技術的增強。書中豐富的圖像和指導性文字將每位藝術家的呈現放在藝術史和理論的背景下,以激發對數位藝術創作挑戰的思考和討論。《Going Digital: The Practice and Vision of Digital Artists》提供了創作、討論和展示數位藝術所需的實用知識和理論。同時,畫廊擁有者、策展人以及那些被要求在展覽中評判或展示數位藝術品的人,也可以在書中找到有關分類和為何在展覽中包含數位藝術的寶貴資訊。