Function Modules in ABAP: A Quick Reference Guide

Gupta, Tanmaya

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  • 出版日期: 2013-11-25
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The days of wading through thousands of function modules are over. Whether you need more information about a particular function module or just want to see what's out there, you've come to the right place. This book is packed with only the most-used function modules in the SAP system. Make your coding easier and view logic in a whole new way

1. Most-Used Function Modules Find only what you need. After exhaustive research of where-used lists and Google hits, thousands of function modules have been narrowed down to hundreds of the most important and commonly used.

2. Topic Groupings Don't know what you're looking for? No problem. Function modules are grouped into different parts, based on usage and topics like authorizations, IDocs, and BAPIs.

3. User-Friendly Layout Information at a glance: Each function module contains a description, example, and list of parameters and their description for optimal use.

4. Extensive Index Looking for something specific? Search the index not only by function module name, but also by key word, functionality, related SAP program, and more.

5. Transaction Codes Make connections. Search for common transaction codes in the index to link your functional knowledge with insider programming know-how.

Highlights include:

  • Basis systems
  • ABAP Data Dictionary
  • Data conversion
  • Transport Management System
  • ABAP List Viewer
  • Form printing
  • ALE, EDI, and IDocs
  • Authorizations
  • Spools and jobs
  • BAPIs
  • Application logs
  • Microsoft Office
  • Messages and popups



1. 最常使用的功能模組:只找到您需要的。通過對使用列表和Google搜索結果的廣泛研究,將數千個功能模組縮小到數百個最重要且常用的模組。

2. 主題分組:不知道您在找什麼?沒問題。功能模組根據使用和主題(如授權、IDocs和BAPIs)進行分組。

3. 用戶友好的佈局:一目了然的資訊。每個功能模組都包含描述、示例以及參數列表及其描述,以實現最佳使用效果。

4. 廣泛的索引:尋找特定內容?不僅可以通過功能模組名稱進行搜索,還可以通過關鍵字、功能、相關SAP程式等進行搜索。

5. 交易代碼:建立連接。在索引中搜索常見的交易代碼,將您的功能知識與內部編程專業知識相結合。

- 基礎系統
- ABAP數據字典
- 數據轉換
- 傳輸管理系統
- ABAP列表查看器
- 表單打印
- 授權
- Spool和作業
- 應用日誌
- Microsoft Office
- 訊息和彈出視窗