Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks: A Pain-Free, Project-Based, Get-Things-Done Guidebook (Paperback)

Rickford Grant




Ubuntu has been hailed as the distribution that will really get newbies feeling comfortable and confident using Linux. Even the name is user-friendlyit's a South African term that translates roughly as "humanity toward others," which could also describe author Rickford Grant's approach to teaching Linux. Rest assured, you will have a most understanding, patient, and genial guide as you embark upon this Linux adventure!

Full of tips, tricks, and helpful pointers, Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks is a hands-on, project-based, take-it slow guidebook intended for those interested inbut nervous aboutswitching to the Linux operating system. Step-by-step projects build upon earlier tutorial concepts, helping you absorb and apply what you've learned.

Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks covers all the topics likely to be of interest to an average desktop user. Inside, you'll learn to:

  • Download and install free applications, games, and utilities
  • Connect to the Internet and wireless networks
  • Configure your hardware, including printers, scanners, and removable storage devices
  • Watch DVDs, listen to music, and even sync your iPod
  • Download photos and videos from your digital camera, then edit and share them
  • Tackle more advanced tasks as soon as you're ready

Whether you're new to computers, looking for a painfree way to make the Linux switch, or just want a low-cost alternative to Windows, Ubuntu is for you. Rickford Grant explains tech concepts in an inviting and effective styleless like an instructor and more like an easygoing friend who doesn't mind answering your questions.



Chapter 0: Dedication, Book Intro, Acknowledgments
Chapter 1: Becoming a PenguinistaWelcome to the World of Linux
Chapter 2: Wading and DivingRunning and (if you like) Installing Ubuntu
Chapter 3: A New Place to Call HomeGetting to Know the Desktop
Chapter 4: More than Webbed FeetThe Internet Linux Style
Chapter 5: Rounding Out the BirdDownloading, Installing, and Updating Programs the Easy Way
Chapter 6: A Tidy NestFile and Disk Handling in Ubuntu
Chapter 7: Dressing Up the BirdCustomizing the Look and Feel of Your System
Chapter 8: Simple Kitten WaysGetting to Know the Linux Terminal and Command Line
Chapter 9: Dining on Tarballs, Binaries, Java, and Even RPMsYet Other Ways to Install Programs
Chapter 10: GutenbirdSetting Up and Using Your Printer and Scanner
Chapter 11: Font Feathered FrenzyFonts
Chapter 12: Polyglot PenguinsLinux Speaks Your Language
Chapter 13: Penguins Back at WorkGetting Down to Business in Linux
Chapter 14: Brush-Wielding PenguinsLinux Does Art
Chapter 15: Tux RocksMusic ?la Linux
Chapter 16: Pluggin' in the PenguinUbuntu and Your iPod?br> Chapter 17: Couch PenguinsVideo and DVD Playback in Ubuntu
Chapter 18: Defending the NestSecurity
Appendix A: Ubuntu Desktop CDs for AMD64 and PowerPC Users
Appendix B: Checking the Integrity of Downloaded ISOs
Appendix C: Resources


《Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks》是一本針對對Linux操作系統感興趣但對於轉換到Linux感到緊張的人而設計的實踐導向的指南。這本書充滿了技巧、訣竅和有用的指引,以逐步項目建立在早期教程概念之上,幫助讀者吸收和應用所學。

《Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks》涵蓋了對一般桌面用戶可能感興趣的所有主題。在這本書中,你將學習到:

- 下載和安裝免費應用程序、遊戲和工具
- 連接到互聯網和無線網絡
- 配置硬件,包括打印機、掃描儀和可移動存儲設備
- 觀看DVD、聆聽音樂,甚至同步你的iPod
- 從數碼相機中下載照片和視頻,然後進行編輯和分享
- 在準備好的時候,開始處理更高級的任務

無論你是電腦新手,正在尋找一種無痛的方式來轉換到Linux,還是只是想要一個低成本的替代Windows的選擇,Ubuntu都適合你。作者Rickford Grant以一種引人入勝和有效的方式解釋技術概念,就像一位輕鬆隨和的朋友,樂意回答你的問題。


這本書將幫助讀者逐步掌握Ubuntu Linux操作系統,並在使用中獲得更多的自信和舒適感。