Hacking: The Art of Exploitation, 2/e (Paperback)

Jon Erickson




While other books merely show how to run existing exploits, Hacking: The Art of Exploitation broke ground as the first book to explain how hacking and software exploits work and how readers could develop and implement their own. In the second edition, author Jon Erickson again uses practical examples to illustrate the most common computer security issues in three related fields: programming, networking and cryptography. All sections have been extensively updated and expanded, including a more thorough introduction to the complex, low-level workings of a computer. Readers can easily follow along with example code by booting the included LiveCD, which provides a Linux programming environment and all of its benefits without the hassle of installing a new operating system.

Table of Contents

Chapter 0x100: Introduction
Chapter 0x200: Programming
Chapter 0x300: Exploitation
Chapter 0x400: Networking
Chapter 0x500: Shellcode
Chapter 0x600: Countermeasures
Chapter 0x700: Cryptography
Chapter 0x800: Conclusion


《駭客:入侵藝術》是第一本解釋駭客和軟體漏洞如何運作以及讀者如何開發和實施自己的漏洞的書籍。作者Jon Erickson在第二版中使用實際例子來說明三個相關領域中最常見的電腦安全問題:程式設計、網路和密碼學。所有章節都經過了廣泛的更新和擴充,包括對電腦的複雜低階運作的更全面介紹。讀者可以通過啟動附帶的LiveCD來輕鬆跟隨示例代碼,該LiveCD提供了一個Linux編程環境和所有相關好處,而無需安裝新的作業系統。

Chapter 0x100: 介紹
Chapter 0x200: 程式設計
Chapter 0x300: 漏洞利用
Chapter 0x400: 網路
Chapter 0x500: Shellcode
Chapter 0x600: 對策
Chapter 0x700: 密碼學
Chapter 0x800: 結論