Python Crash Course, 2/e

Matthes, Eric



Second edition of the best selling Python book in the world. A fast-paced, no-nonsense guide to programming in Python. This book teaches beginners the basics of programming in Python with a focus on real projects.

This is the second edition of the best selling Python book in the world. Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition is a straightforward introduction to the core of Python programming. Author Eric Matthes dispenses with the sort of tedious, unnecessary information that can get in the way of learning how to program, choosing instead to provide a foundation in general programming concepts, Python fundamentals, and problem solving. Three real world projects in the second part of the book allow readers to apply their knowledge in useful ways.

Readers will learn how to create a simple video game, use data visualization techniques to make graphs and charts, and build and deploy an interactive web application. Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition teaches beginners the essentials of Python quickly so that they can build practical programs and develop powerful programming techniques.



這是全球最暢銷的Python書籍的第二版。《Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition》是Python編程核心的簡明介紹。作者Eric Matthes選擇省略那些冗長、不必要的資訊,以免干擾學習編程,而是提供一個基礎的一般編程概念、Python基礎和問題解決的基礎。書的第二部分有三個真實世界的項目,讓讀者能夠實際應用他們的知識。

讀者將學習如何創建一個簡單的視頻遊戲,使用數據可視化技術製作圖表和圖形,以及構建和部署一個交互式網絡應用程序。《Python Crash Course, 2nd Edition》快速地教授初學者Python的基本知識,使他們能夠建立實用的程序並發展強大的編程技巧。


Eric Matthes is a high school math and science teacher living in Alaska who teaches an Introduction to Programming class in Python. He has been writing programs since he was five years old.


Eric Matthes是一位住在阿拉斯加的高中數學和科學教師,他教授Python的程式設計入門課程。他從五歲開始就開始寫程式。