Sonicwall Secure Wireless Network Integrated Solutions Guide

Joe Levy, Khai Tran, Patrick Lydon, Jeremy Pollock, Susan Weigand, Dave Parry

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  • 出版日期: 2008-05-01
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1597491934
  • ISBN-13: 9781597491938
  • 相關分類: Wireless-networks資訊安全
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Nearly forty percent of the world's 1 billion+ Internet users are wireless. It's a truly staggering fact to think that the majority of these wireless implementations are fundamentally insecure, leaving users and private data at risk.

Many wireless proprietors think that the convenience of wireless outweighs the possible risk of insecure impelentation, or that secure wireless is far too complicated to worry about deploying.

SonicWALL® Secure Wireless Networks Integrated Solutions Guide provides a systematic approach to creating secure wireless networks, using the Plan, Design, Implement, and Optimize model. This introduction to wireless network security is both comprehensive and easy to understand. Using straightforward language, this book describes deployment best practices, what SonicWALL security appliances do, and how they interoperate within an existing or new network. It begins with brief overviews of the theory of risk management, the history of wireless networks, and today's top five wireless threats. Real-world case studies highlight wireless solution business drivers for education, healthcare, retail and hospitality, and government agencies, as well as their respective regulatory compliance requirements. SonicWALL believes that the days of being forced to accept inherent risk in wireless networking are over. By using modern security standards and sound network design methods, your wireless network should be just as secure as your wired network.

Wireless networks can be made as secure as wired networks, and deploying this type of security can be far less complicated than you think. In this book, and through their massive product offerings, SonicWALL gives you (the secure wireless network hopeful) all of the planning, implementation, and optimizing tools you need to do wireless. Securely.

* Official guide from SonicWALL
* Written by SonicWALL engineers and documentation specialists
* Appropriate for all audiences, from the small proprietor to the enterprise IT specialist
* A complete reference to plan, design, implement, and optimize a secure wireless network with SonicWALL's extensive wireless product offerings




《SonicWALL® Secure Wireless Networks Integrated Solutions Guide》提供了一種系統化的方法來建立安全的無線網路,使用計劃、設計、實施和優化的模型。這本介紹無線網路安全的書籍既全面又易於理解。使用簡單明瞭的語言,本書描述了部署的最佳實踐、SonicWALL安全設備的功能以及它們在現有或新建網路中的互操作性。書中首先簡要介紹了風險管理理論、無線網路的歷史以及當今五大無線網路威脅。真實案例突出了教育、醫療保健、零售和酒店業以及政府機構的無線解決方案業務驅動因素,以及它們各自的法規合規要求。SonicWALL相信,在無線網路中被迫接受固有風險的日子已經結束。通過使用現代安全標準和健全的網路設計方法,您的無線網路應該和有線網路一樣安全。


* SonicWALL官方指南
* 由SonicWALL工程師和文件專家撰寫
* 適合所有受眾,從小型業主到企業IT專家
* 一本完整的參考書,用於計劃、設計、實施和優化SonicWALL的廣泛無線產品提供的安全無線網路。