Advanced SQL Functions in Oracle 10g

Dr. Richard Earp, Dr. Sikha Bagui

下單後立即進貨 (1週~2週)



Designed to exploit Oracle 10g's SQL, this book takes a comprehensive look at Oracle 10g's analytical functions, MODEL statements, and regular expressions. In addition, the book covers collection objects and object-oriented structures and introduces new Oracle 10g topics such as XML and statistical functions. The authors' logical and developmental approach to query building includes a review of older Oracle tools to help in the transition to newer material.

Learn how to:

  • Format result sets with SQL*Plus reporting tools.
  • Use aggregate functions for partitioning, ordering, and reporting.
  • Perform calculations with the MODEL statement.
  • Search within strings using regular expressions.
  • Work with collection objects.
  • Handle XML within SQL.