DSP for MATLAB and LabVIEW III: Digital Filter Design (Synthesis Lectures on Signal Processing)

Forester W. Isen

  • 出版商: Morgan & Claypool
  • 出版日期: 2009-01-15
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 240
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  • ISBN: 1598298968
  • ISBN-13: 9781598298963
  • 相關分類: 數位訊號處理 DspLabVIEWMatlab
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This book is Volume III of the series DSP for MATLAB™ and LabVIEW™. Volume III covers digital filter design, including the specific topics of FIR design via windowed-ideal-lowpass filter, FIR highpass, bandpass, and bandstop filter design from windowed-ideal lowpass filters, FIR design using the transition-band-optimized Frequency Sampling technique (implemented by Inverse-DFT or Cosine/Sine Summation Formulas), design of equiripple FIRs of all standard types including Hilbert Transformers and Differentiators via the Remez Exchange Algorithm, design of Butterworth, Chebyshev (Types I and II), and Elliptic analog prototype lowpass filters, conversion of analog lowpass prototype filters to highpass, bandpass, and bandstop filters, and conversion of analog filters to digital filters using the Impulse Invariance and Bilinear Transform techniques. Certain filter topologies specific to FIRs are also discussed, as are two simple FIR types, the Comb and Moving Average filters. The entire series consists of four volumes that collectively cover basic digital signal processing in a practical and accessible manner, but which nonetheless include all essential foundation mathematics. As the series title implies, the scripts (of which there are more than 200) described in the text and supplied in code form (available via the internet at www.morganclaypool.com/page/isen) will run on both MATLAB™ and LabVIEW™. Table of Contents: Principles of FIR Design / FIR Design Techniques / Classical IIR Design


這本書是《DSP for MATLAB™ and LabVIEW™》系列的第三卷。第三卷涵蓋了數字濾波器設計,包括使用窗函數理想低通濾波器設計FIR濾波器、使用窗函數理想低通濾波器設計FIR高通、帶通和帶阻濾波器、使用過渡帶優化頻率取樣技術(通過逆DFT或餘弦/正弦總和公式實現)設計等波紋FIR濾波器,使用Remez交換算法設計所有標準類型的等波紋FIR濾波器,包括Hilbert變換器和微分器,設計巴特沃斯、切比雪夫(I型和II型)和橢圓模擬原型低通濾波器,將模擬低通原型濾波器轉換為高通、帶通和帶阻濾波器,以及使用脈沖不變性和雙線性變換技術將模擬濾波器轉換為數字濾波器。書中還討論了特定於FIR的濾波器拓撲結構,以及兩種簡單的FIR濾波器類型:Comb和Moving Average濾波器。整個系列共有四卷,以實用和易於理解的方式全面介紹了基本的數字信號處理,但同時包含了所有必要的基礎數學知識。正如系列標題所示,書中描述的腳本(超過200個)以代碼形式提供(可在www.morganclaypool.com/page/isen上獲得),可以在MATLAB™和LabVIEW™上運行。目錄:FIR設計原則/ FIR設計技術/經典IIR設計。