Digital Performer 5 Power! (Paperback)

Don Barrett

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  • 出版日期: 2007-11-26
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  • ISBN-13: 9781598634693

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Digital Performer is one of the leading digital audio workstation programs for the Apple Mac.It allows you to sequence MIDI, record multiple channels of audio, mix them down, synch them to video, and utilize plug-in software synthesizers and software studios. Digital Performer 5 Power!: The Comprehensive Guide provides a versatile guide to setting up and using the newest version of MOTU's Digital Performer 5 audio/MIDI sequencing, editing, and recording software. The book's approach is one that will simplify and demystify the technical aspects of setting up and using Digital Performer 5, while also supplying useful engineering tips and shortcuts to help you get the most out of the program. Chapters and sections progress naturally through the music production process, from navigating the interface, setting up projects, and recording, to working with MIDI, editing, arranging, mixing, mastering, handling music notation, and scoring to picture. This setup allows new users to work through the book from start to finish and learn Digital Performer quickly, while intermediate and advanced users can flip to specific areas of interest to learn new tricks and increase their mastery. Regardless of your skill level, this is the only guide to Digital Performer you will ever need to take your music to the next level.


Table of Contents

1. Track Folders
a. Track Folders Submenu (Project menu)
b. Delete Track Folders Command
2. Meter Bridge
a. Linear Layout
b. Wraparound Layout
c. Scale control/Range Control
d. Inputs
e. Tracks
f. Outputs
g. Busses
h. Bundles
3. Midi device Setup; Bundles Window
a. Import/Export midi Bundles Command
4. Elimination of Voice Allocation
5. Midi Keys
6. Add Instruments Feature
7. Track Enable Option; Online/Offline
8. Resize Horizontal Track Info Panel (Sequence editor)
9. Input Monitoring/Audio Patch thru
a. Modes: Off, Input Only, Blend, Auto
10. Edge editing Tools
a. Trim Tool
b. Roll Tool
c. Slip Tool
d. Slide Tool
11. Separate/Independent Automation data; Bite Volume/Bite Gain
a. Moves with Soundbite/Nondestructive
b. Bite Volume/Bite Gain Submenu (Audio menu)
c. Options in Waveform editor
i. Bite Volume Bypass
ii. Bite Gain (Range -140 db to +80 db.
12. Waveform editor Enhancements
a. Transport Lock
b. Tempo events
c. Tempo Mode Menu
i. Clear Tempo In selection
13. Click and Countoff; Click defaults
a. Visual Punches/Flutters
b. QuickTime Movie Overlay
c. Hardware device output i.e. Click Stream Machine
14. Film Scoring Events
a. Streamers
b. Marker streamers
c. Bounce QuickTime Movie to Disk
d. Mpeg 4 Support
15. Bundles Virtual Instruments
a. MX4
b. Bassline
c. nanosampler
d. Model 12 Drum Module
e. Polysynth
Misc. additions/Changes to previous content:
1. Minimum DP 5 System Requirements
2. Multiple Hard drives/Date backup tips
3. Save As Template Feature Tips
a. Instrument templates
b. Workflow Tips
c. V-Racks
4. SMPTE Sync Tips
a. DP5 Timecode/ 2-Bar Workaround
5. Eliminate Voice Allocation references
6. Default Placement of Added Tracks
7. Renaming Tracks using Arrow keys
8. Standard Midi Files
a. Tips Regarding Finale/Sibelius