Satellite Communications Network Design and Analysis (Hardcover)

Kenneth Y. Jo



A smart choice for the practicing engineers and engineering students alike, this authoritative book provides a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of satellite communications (SATCOM) network design and performance assessments. Readers find discussions on a wide class of SATCOM networks using satellites as core components, as well as coverage of key applications in the field. This in-depth resource presents a broad range of critical topics that are important to today's practitioners, from geosynchronous Earth orbiting (GEO) satellites and direct broadcast satellite systems, to low Earth orbiting (LEO) satellites, radio standards and protocols. This invaluable reference explains the many specific uses of satellite networks, including small-terminal wireless and mobile communications systems. Moreover, this book presents advanced topics such as satellite RF link analyses, optimum transponder loading, on-board processing, antenna characteristics, protected systems, information assurance, and spread spectrums. Readers are introduced to current and future SATCOM systems and find details on their performance supportabilities. This cutting-edge book also presents trends in multimedia satellite applications and IP services over satellites.