Digital Communication Systems Engineering with Software-Defined Radio (Hardcover)

Alexander M. Wyglinski, Di Pu



This unique resource provides you with a practical approach to quickly learning the software-defined radio concepts you need to know for your work in the field. By prototyping and evaluating actual digital communication systems capable of performing over-the-air wireless data transmission and reception, this volume helps you attain a first-hand understanding of critical design trade-offs and issues. Moreover you gain a sense of the actual real-world operational behavior of these systems.

With the purchase of the book, you gain access to several ready-made Simulink experiments at the publisher s website. This collection of laboratory experiments, along with several examples, enables you to successfully implement the designs discussed the book in a short period of time. These files can be executed using MATLAB version R2011b or later.

Contents: What is SDR? Signal & System Overview. Probability Review. Digital Communications Review. Basic SDR Implementation of a Transmitter and a Receiver. Receiver Structure and Waveform Synthesis of a Transmitter and a Receiver. Multi-Carrier Modulation. Spectrum Sensing Techniques. Synchronization. Appendices.



購買本書後,您可以在出版商的網站上獲得幾個現成的Simulink實驗。這些實驗室實驗和示例能夠讓您在短時間內成功實施本書中討論的設計。這些文件可以在MATLAB R2011b或更高版本中執行。