Deep Web Query Interface Understanding and Integration (Paperback)

Eduard C. Dragut, Weiyi Meng, Clement T. Yu


There are millions of searchable data sources on the Web and to a large extent their contents can only be reached through their own query interfaces. There is an enormous interest in making the data in these sources easily accessible. There are primarily two general approaches to achieve this objective. The first is to surface the contents of these sources from the deep Web and add the contents to the index of regular search engines. The second is to integrate the searching capabilities of these sources and support integrated access to them. In this book, we introduce the state-of-the-art techniques for extracting, understanding, and integrating the query interfaces of deep Web data sources. These techniques are critical for producing an integrated query interface for each domain. The interface serves as the mediator for searching all data sources in the concerned domain. While query interface integration is only relevant for the deep Web integration approach, the extraction and understanding of query interfaces are critical for both deep Web exploration approaches.

This book aims to provide in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the key technologies needed to create high quality integrated query interfaces automatically. The following technical issues are discussed in detail in this book: query interface modeling, query interface extraction, query interface clustering, query interface matching, query interface attribute integration, and query interface integration.

Table of Contents: Introduction / Query Interface Representation and Extraction / Query Interface Clustering and Categorization / Query Interface Matching / Query Interface Attribute Integration / Query Interface Integration / Summary and Future Research




目錄:引言 / 查詢界面表示和提取 / 查詢界面聚類和分類 / 查詢界面匹配 / 查詢界面屬性整合 / 查詢界面整合 / 總結和未來研究