Red Hat Certified Technician & Engineer (RHCT and RHCE) Training Guide and Administrator's Reference (Paperback)

Asghar Ghori

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  • 出版日期: 2009-08-10
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  • ISBN-13: 9781615844302
  • 相關分類: Linux
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This book is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5) and is intended for individuals who plan to take the new Red Hat® Certified Technician (RH202) and/or Red Hat® Certified Engineer (RH302) exams and pass them, want to use it as a quick on-the-job resource or like to learn RHEL from the beginning in an easy-to-understand way. The book has 31 chapters and facilitates readers to grasp concepts, understand implementation procedures, learn command syntax, configuration files and daemons involved, and comprehend troubleshooting. The chapters are divided into four areas: Linux Essentials, RHEL System Administration, RHEL Network and Security Administration, and RHEL Troubleshooting. 01. Linux Essentials (Chapters 1 to 7) covers the basics of Linux. Information provided includes general Linux concepts, basic commands, file manipulation and file security techniques, text file editors, shell features, basic shell and awk programming and other essential topics. These chapters are good for gaining an overall understanding of Linux and cover common skills useful for both exams. 02. RHEL System Administration (Chapters 8 to 19) covers system administration concepts and topics including hardware management, local installation, X Window and desktop managers, software and user/group account administration, disk partitioning using standard, RAID and LVM, file system and swap management, system shutdown and boot procedures, kernel management, backup, restore and compression functions, print services administration, and automation and system logging. These chapters cover objectives outlined for the RH202 exam. 03. RHEL Network and Security Administration (Chapters 20 to 30) covers network and security administration concepts and topics such as OSI and TCP/IP reference models, subnetting and IP aliasing, network interface administration, routing, basic network testing and troubleshooting tools, naming services (DNS, NIS, LDAP) and DHCP; Internet services and electronic mail management, time synchronization with NTP, resource sharing with NFS, AutoFS and Samba, network-based and hands-free automated installation, Apache web server and Squid caching/proxy server, secure shell, PAM, TCP Wrappers, IPTables, NATting, SELinux and recommendations for system hardening. These chapters cover objectives set for the RH302 exam. 04. RHEL Troubleshooting (Chapter 31) covers a number of sample system, network and security troubleshooting scenarios. This chapter covers objectives related to diagnoses and troubleshooting for both exams. The book covers ALL official exam objectives and includes several exercises for exam practice. This book is not a replacement for RHCT®/RHCE® training courses offered by Red Hat, Inc., but may be used to prepare for both the exams. The information contained in this book is not endorsed by Red Hat, Inc. Good Luck on the exams .........


本書基於 Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5),適用於計劃參加新的 Red Hat® Certified Technician (RH202) 和/或 Red Hat® Certified Engineer (RH302) 考試並通過的個人,希望將其用作快速的工作資源或以易於理解的方式從頭開始學習 RHEL 的人。本書共有31章,幫助讀者掌握概念,了解實施程序,學習命令語法,配置文件和相關的守護進程,並理解故障排除。這些章節分為四個區域:Linux 基礎知識、RHEL 系統管理、RHEL 網絡和安全管理以及 RHEL 故障排除。

01. Linux 基礎知識(第1至7章)介紹了 Linux 的基礎知識。提供的信息包括一般的 Linux 概念,基本命令,文件操作和文件安全技術,文本文件編輯器,shell 功能,基本的 shell 和 awk 編程以及其他基本主題。這些章節有助於對 Linux 有整體的理解,並涵蓋了兩個考試都有用的常見技能。

02. RHEL 系統管理(第8至19章)涵蓋了系統管理的概念和主題,包括硬件管理,本地安裝,X Window 和桌面管理器,軟件和用戶/組帳戶管理,使用標準、RAID 和 LVM 進行磁盤分區,文件系統和交換分區管理,系統關機和啟動程序,內核管理,備份、還原和壓縮功能,打印服務管理,以及自動化和系統日誌記錄。這些章節涵蓋了 RH202 考試的目標。

03. RHEL 網絡和安全管理(第20至30章)涵蓋了網絡和安全管理的概念和主題,例如 OSI 和 TCP/IP 參考模型,子網劃分和 IP 別名,網絡接口管理,路由,基本的網絡測試和故障排除工具,命名服務(DNS、NIS、LDAP)和 DHCP;互聯網服務和電子郵件管理,使用 NTP 進行時間同步,使用 NFS、AutoFS 和 Samba 進行資源共享,基於網絡和無人值守的自動安裝,Apache 網絡服務器和 Squid 緩存/代理服務器,安全外殼,PAM,TCP Wrappers,IPTables,NATting,SELinux 和系統加固建議。這些章節涵蓋了 RH302 考試的目標。

04. RHEL 故障排除(第31章)涵蓋了一些系統、網絡和安全故障排除的示例情境。本章涵蓋了兩個考試中與診斷和故障排除相關的目標。

本書涵蓋了所有官方考試目標,並包含多個練習題供考試練習使用。本書並不取代由 Red Hat, Inc. 提供的 RHCT®/RHCE® 培訓課程,但可用於為兩個考試做準備。本書中的信息並未經 Red Hat, Inc. 認可。祝您考試順利。