Meteor in Action (Paperback)

Stephan Hochhaus, Manuel Schoebel

  • 出版商: Manning
  • 出版日期: 2015-10-01
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 368
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1617292478
  • ISBN-13: 9781617292477
  • 相關分類: JavaScript
  • 相關翻譯: Meteor 實戰 (Meteor in Action) (簡中版)
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Meteor is a unique full-stack framework designed to address some of the most persistent concerns faced when building web applications. It provides the same JavaScript APIs on both the client and server, resulting in no context switching, so the development environment is consistent and seamless. The reactive template model automatically pushes updates when data changes for fluid user experience. Users enjoy instant updates while Meteor handles the behind-the-scenes work of synchronizing data and building new pages. Finally, Meteor provides many unique productivity features, like push-button bundling and deployment, an intuitive interactivity protocol, and Smart Packages that make it a snap to manage application features.

Meteor in Action tackles full-stack web development using the Meteor platform. Starting with an overview of a Meteor application, it reveals the unique nature of Meteor's end-to-end application model. Then it dives into the Blaze templating engine, Meteor's reactive datasources model, simple and advanced routing techniques, and managing users, permissions, and roles. It guides readers through typical real world scenarios like managing file uploads, SEO, and localizing applications as they create their own packages to reuse functionality across projects. Lastly, it covers deploying Meteor on a server and scaling efficiently.

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Meteor是一個獨特的全棧框架,旨在解決構建網絡應用程序時面臨的一些持久性問題。它在客戶端和服務器上提供相同的JavaScript API,從而消除了上下文切換,使開發環境一致且無縫。反應式模板模型在數據更改時自動推送更新,實現流暢的用戶體驗。用戶在Meteor處理數據同步和構建新頁面的幕後工作時,可以享受即時更新。最後,Meteor提供了許多獨特的生產力功能,如一鍵打包和部署、直觀的互動協議以及智能包,使管理應用程序功能變得輕而易舉。

《Meteor in Action》使用Meteor平台介紹全棧網絡開發。從Meteor應用程序的概述開始,揭示了Meteor端到端應用程序模型的獨特性。然後深入介紹了Blaze模板引擎、Meteor的反應式數據源模型、簡單和高級路由技術以及用戶、權限和角色管理。它引導讀者通過典型的現實場景,如管理文件上傳、SEO和本地化應用程序,創建自己的包以在項目之間重用功能。最後,它涵蓋了在服務器上部署Meteor和高效擴展的相關內容。

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