Irresistible APIs: Designing web APIs that developers will love

Kirsten Hunter

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  • 出版日期: 2016-09-30
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A Web API is a platform with a web-style interface developers can use to implement functionality. Well-designed APIs feel like a natural extension of the application, rather than just a new interface into the backend database. Designing Web APIs based on use cases allows an organization to develop irresistible APIs, which developers can consume easily and which support the business values of that organization.

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About the Technology

It takes a village to deliver an irresistible web API. Business stakeholders look for an API that works side-by-side with the main product to enhance the experience for customers. Project managers require easy integration with other products or ways for customers to interact with your system. And, developers need APIs to consistently interoperate with external systems. The trick is getting the whole village together. This book shows you how.

About the Book

Irresistible APIspresents a process to create APIs that succeed for all members of the team. In it, you'll learn how to capture an application's core business value and extend it with an API that will delight the developers who use it. Thinking about APIs from the business point of view, while also considering the end-user experience, encourages you to explore both sides of the design process and learn some successful biz-to-dev communication patterns. Along the way, you'll start to view your APIs as part of your product's core value instead of just an add-on.

What's Inside

Design-driven development
Developing meaningful use cases
API guiding principles
How to recognize successful APIs
About the Reader

Written for all members of an API design team, regardless of technical level.

About the Author

Kirsten Hunter is an API evangelist who helps developers and business stakeholders understand, design, and deliver amazing APIs.

Table of Contents

What makes an API irresistible?
Working with web APIs
API First
Web services explained
Guiding principles for API design
Defining the value for your API
Creating your schema model
Design-driven development
Empowering your developers


Web API 是一個開發者可以使用的具有 Web 風格介面的平台,用於實現功能。設計良好的 API 應該感覺像是應用程式的自然擴展,而不僅僅是對後端數據庫的新介面。基於使用案例設計 Web API 可以讓組織開發出令人難以抗拒的 API,開發者可以輕鬆使用並支持該組織的業務價值。

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提供一個令人難以抗拒的 Web API 需要整個團隊的努力。業務利益相關者希望 API 能夠與主要產品並肩工作,為客戶提供更好的體驗。項目經理需要與其他產品輕鬆集成,或者為客戶與系統互動提供方式。開發者需要 API 能夠與外部系統一致地互操作。關鍵在於讓整個團隊團結起來。本書將向您展示如何做到這一點。

《令人難以抗拒的 API》介紹了一個創建成功的 API 的過程,適用於團隊中的所有成員。通過本書,您將學習如何捕捉應用程式的核心業務價值,並通過一個令開發者愉悅的 API 來擴展它。從業務角度思考 API,同時考慮最終用戶體驗,鼓勵您探索設計過程的兩面,並學習一些成功的業務到開發者的溝通模式。在此過程中,您將開始將 API 視為產品核心價值的一部分,而不僅僅是一個附加功能。

- 基於設計的開發
- 開發有意義的使用案例
- API 設計指導原則
- 如何識別成功的 API
- 讀者群
- 適用於 API 設計團隊的所有成員,無論技術水平如何。

Kirsten Hunter 是一位 API 傳道者,幫助開發者和業務利益相關者理解、設計和提供令人驚艷的 API。

- 理解 Web API
- 什麼使 API 令人難以抗拒?
- 使用 Web API
- API First
- 解釋 Web 服務
- 設計 Web API
- API 設計指導原則
- 為您的 API 定義價值
- 創建模式模型
- 基於設計的開發
- 賦予開發者權力