Voice Applications for Alexa and Google Assistant

Dustin A. Coates



To create their own voice "skills," users need to learn some new device toolkits, the basics of Voice UI design, and some emerging best practices for building and deploying on these diverse platforms.

Voice Applications for Alexa and Google Assistant guides readers in the exciting world of designing, building, and implementing voice-based applications for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant! They learn how to build their own "skills"—the voice app term for actions the device can perform—from scratch.

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《Voice Applications for Alexa and Google Assistant》引導讀者進入設計、建立和實施基於Amazon Alexa或Google Assistant的語音應用程式的令人興奮的世界!他們將從頭開始學習如何建立自己的「技能」,這是指設備可以執行的動作。

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