Modern C

Gustedt, Jens





Modern C focuses on the new and unique features of modern C programming. The book is based on the latest C standards and offers an up-to-date perspective on this tried-and-true language.

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About the Technology

C is extraordinarily modern for a 50-year-old programming language. Whether you're writing embedded code, low-level system routines, or high-performance applications, C is up to the challenge. This unique book, based on the latest C standards, exposes a modern perspective of this tried-and-true language.

About the Book

Modern C introduces you to modern day C programming, emphasizing the unique and new features of this powerful language. For new C coders, it starts with fundamentals like structure, grammar, compilation, and execution. From there, you'll advance to control structures, data types, operators, and functions, as you gain a deeper understanding of what's happening under the hood. In the final chapters, you'll explore performance considerations, reentrancy, atomicity, threads, and type-generic programming. You'll code as you go with concept-reinforcing exercises and skill-honing challenges along the way.

What's inside


  • Operators and functions
  • Pointers, threading, and atomicity
  • C's memory model
  • Hands-on exercises

About the Reader

For programmers comfortable writing simple programs in a language like Java, Python, Ruby, C#, C++, or C.

About the Author

Jens Gustedt is a senior scientist at the French National Institute for Computer Science and Control (INRIA) and co-editor of the ISO C standard.

Table of Contents


LEVEL 0 - Encounter

LEVEL 1 - Acquaintance

LEVEL 2 - Cognition

LEVEL 3 - Experience

  1. Getting started
  2. The principal structure of a program
  3. Everything is about control
  4. Expressing computations
  5. Basic values and data
  6. Derived data types
  7. Functions
  8. C library functions
  9. Style
  10. Organization and documentation
  11. Pointers
  12. The C memory model
  13. Storage
  14. More involved processing and IO
  15. Performance
  16. Function-like macros
  17. Variations in control flow
  18. Threads 325
  19. Atomic access and memory consistency



Modern C專注於現代C編程的新特性和獨特之處。本書基於最新的C標準,提供了對這個經過時間考驗的語言的最新觀點。

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Modern C介紹了現代C編程,強調這個強大語言的獨特和新特性。對於新的C編碼人員,它從結構、語法、編譯和執行等基礎知識開始。從那裡,您將深入研究控制結構、數據類型、運算符和函數,更深入地了解底層發生的事情。在最後幾章中,您將探索性能考慮、可重入性、原子性、線程和類型通用編程。您將在進行概念強化練習和技能磨練挑戰的同時進行編碼。


  • 運算符和函數

  • 指針、線程和原子性

  • C的內存模型

  • 實踐練習




Jens Gustedt是法國國家計算機科學和控制研究所(INRIA)的高級科學家,也是ISO C標準的共同編輯。


LEVEL 0 - 邂逅

LEVEL 1 - 認識

LEVEL 2 - 認知

LEVEL 3 - 經驗

  1. 入門

  2. 程序的主要結構

  3. 一切都與控制有關

  4. 表達計算

  5. 基本值和數據

  6. 衍生數據類型

  7. 函數

  8. C庫函數

  9. 風格

  10. 組織和文檔

  11. 指針

  12. C的內存模型

  13. 存儲

  14. 更複雜的處理和IO

  15. 性能

  16. 類似函數的宏

  17. 控制流程的變化

  18. 線程

  19. 原子訪問和內存一致性


Jens Gustedt has been a senior scientist at the French National Institute for Computer Science and Control (INRIA) since 1998, working in areas including algorithms, scientific experimentation, models for coarse-grained parallelism, and distributed locking. Currently, he's conducting the Modular C project, which has given rise to libraries such as arbogast and EiLck.


Jens Gustedt自1998年起擔任法國國家計算機科學與控制研究所(INRIA)的高級科學家,從事算法、科學實驗、粗粒度並行模型和分佈式鎖定等領域的研究。目前,他正在進行Modular C項目,該項目已經產生了arbogast和EiLck等庫。