Grokking Machine Learning

Serrano, Luis

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  • 出版日期: 2022-01-19
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 1617295914
  • ISBN-13: 9781617295911
  • 相關分類: Machine Learning
  • 相關翻譯: 機器學習圖解 (簡中版)
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It's time to dispel the myth that machine learning is difficult. Grokking Machine Learning teaches you how to apply ML to your projects using only standard Python code and high school-level math. No specialist knowledge is required to tackle the hands-on exercises using readily-available machine learning tools

In Grokking Machine Learning, expert machine learning engineer Luis Serrano introduces the most valuable ML techniques and teaches you how to make them work for you. Practical examples illustrate each new concept to ensure you're grokking as you go. You'll build models for spam detection, language analysis, and image recognition as you lock in each carefully-selected skill. Packed with easy-to-follow Python-based exercises and mini-projects, this book sets you on the path to becoming a machine learning expert.

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是時候打破機器學習困難的神話了。《Grokking Machine Learning》教你如何使用標準的Python程式碼和高中程度的數學知識將機器學習應用於你的專案中。你不需要專業知識,只需使用現成的機器學習工具來完成實踐性的練習。

在《Grokking Machine Learning》中,機器學習專家Luis Serrano介紹了最有價值的機器學習技術,並教你如何運用它們。實際範例說明了每個新概念,確保你在學習的過程中能夠理解。你將建立垃圾郵件檢測、語言分析和圖像識別模型,逐步鞏固每個精心選擇的技能。這本書充滿了易於跟隨的基於Python的練習和小型專案,讓你踏上成為機器學習專家的道路。

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Luis G. Serrano is a research scientist in quantum artificial intelligence at Zapata Computing. He has worked previously as a Machine Learning Engineer at Google, as a Lead Artificial Intelligence Educator at Apple, and as the Head of Content in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science at Udacity. Luis has a PhD in mathematics from the University of Michigan, a bachelor's and master's in mathematics from the University of Waterloo, and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Laboratoire de Combinatoire et d'Informatique Mathématique at the University of Quebec at Montreal. Luis maintains a popular YouTube channel about machine learning with over 75,000 subscribers and over 3 million views, and is a frequent speaker at artificial intelligence and data science conferences.


Luis G. Serrano是Zapata Computing的量子人工智慧研究科學家。他曾在Google擔任機器學習工程師,在Apple擔任首席人工智慧教育家,並在Udacity擔任人工智慧和資料科學內容主管。Luis擁有密西根大學的數學博士學位,以及滑鐵盧大學的數學學士和碩士學位,並在魁北克大學蒙特利爾分校的組合數學和計算機科學實驗室擔任博士後研究員。Luis經營一個受歡迎的YouTube頻道,內容關於機器學習,擁有超過75,000名訂閱者和超過300萬次觀看,並經常在人工智慧和資料科學的會議上演講。