Machine Learning with R, Tidyverse, and Mlr

Rhys, Hefin Ioan




Machine Learning with R, tidyverse, and mlr teaches readers how to gain valuable insights from their data using the powerful R programming language.

In his engaging and informal style, author and R expert Hefin Ioan Rhys lays a firm foundation of ML basics and introduces readers to the tidyverse, a powerful set of R tools designed specifically for practical data science.

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《使用 R、tidyverse 和 mlr 進行機器學習》一書教讀者如何使用強大的 R 程式語言從數據中獲取有價值的洞察力。

作者和 R 專家 Hefin Ioan Rhys 以引人入勝且不拘一格的風格,為讀者打下機器學習基礎,並介紹了 tidyverse,這是一套專為實際數據科學而設計的強大 R 工具集。

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Hefin Ioan Rhys is a senior laboratory research scientist in the Flow Cytometry Shared Technology Platform at The Francis Crick Institute. He spent the final year of his PhD program teaching basic R skills at the university. A data science and machine learning enthusiast, he has his own Youtube channel featuring screencast tutorials in R and R Studio.


Hefin Ioan Rhys 是英國弗朗西斯·克里克研究所流式細胞技術平台的高級實驗室研究科學家。他在博士學位的最後一年在大學教授基礎的 R 語言技能。作為一位數據科學和機器學習的愛好者,他擁有自己的 YouTube 頻道,提供 R 和 R Studio 的螢幕錄製教學。