Self-Sovereign Identity: Decentralized Digital Identity and Verifiable Credentials

Preukschat, Alex, Reed, Drummond




Self-Sovereign Identity gives you a radical new perspective on how we represent ourselves in the world.

In a world of changing privacy regulations, identity theft, and online anonymity, identity is a precious and complex concept. Self-Sovereign Identity lays out a roadmap for a future of personal sovereignty powered by the Blockchain and cryptography.

Self-Sovereign Identity gives you a radical new perspective on how we represent ourselves in the world. This case study-driven book cuts through the jargon and hype to expose the amazing potential SSI offers for security, privacy, identity, and even uprooting the way the global economy works. As you learn the philosophical and sociological concepts that underpin SSI, you'll appreciate what this radical technology really means for the shape of our lives, our businesses, and our futures.

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「自主身份」為我們在世界中如何代表自己提供了一個全新的觀點。在隱私法規、身份盜竊和網絡匿名性不斷變化的世界中,身份是一個寶貴且複雜的概念。「自主身份」提出了一個由區塊鏈和密碼學驅動的個人主權未來的路線圖。這本以案例為驅動的書籍剖析了SSI所提供的安全性、隱私性、身份性甚至改變全球經濟運作方式的驚人潛力,並剔除了術語和炒作,讓讀者能夠真正理解SSI的哲學和社會學概念,並體會這項激進技術對我們生活、企業和未來形態的意義。購買印刷版書籍還包括一本免費的PDF、Kindle和ePub格式的電子書,由Manning Publications提供。


Alex Preukschat is Global Head of Strategic Blockchain Projects with Evernym. Alex has been active in the Bitcoin space since 2013 and leads, a global SSI community to share knowledge in the identity space. He is a co-founder of Blockchain España and Alianza Blockchain Iberoamérica, and author of multiple reports and books about Blockchain and identity.

Drummond Reed has spent over two decades in Internet identity, security, privacy, and trust frameworks. He is the Chief Trust Officer at Evernym, and co-author of the Respect Trust Framework, which was honored with the Privacy Award at the 2011 European Identity Conference. Drummond is a Trustee and Secretary of the Sovrin Foundation, where he serves as chair of the Sovrin Governance Framework Working Group, and has served as co-chair of the OASIS XDI Technical Committee since 2004.


Alex Preukschat是Evernym的全球戰略區塊鏈項目負責人。自2013年以來,Alex一直活躍於比特幣領域,並領導著,這是一個全球的自我主權身份(SSI)社區,旨在分享身份領域的知識。他是Blockchain España和Alianza Blockchain Iberoamérica的共同創始人,並且是多本關於區塊鏈和身份的報告和書籍的作者。

Drummond Reed在互聯網身份、安全、隱私和信任框架領域已經有超過二十年的經驗。他是Evernym的首席信任官,也是Respect Trust Framework的共同作者,該框架在2011年歐洲身份大會上獲得了隱私獎。Drummond是Sovrin Foundation的董事和秘書,他擔任Sovrin治理框架工作組的主席,並自2004年以來一直擔任OASIS XDI技術委員會的共同主席。