The Well-Grounded Java Developer, Second Edition

Evans, Benjamin, Verburg, Martijn, Clark, Jason

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  • 出版日期: 2023-02-05
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  • ISBN-13: 9781617298875
  • 相關分類: Java 程式語言
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Understanding Java from the JVM up gives you a solid foundation to grow your expertise and take on advanced techniques for performance, concurrency, containerization, and more.

In The Well-Grounded Java Developer, Second Edition you will learn:

The new Java module system and why you should use it
Bytecode for the JVM, including operations and classloading
Performance tuning the JVM
Working with Java's built-in concurrency and expanded options
Programming in Kotlin and Clojure on the JVM
Maximizing the benefits from your build/CI tooling with Maven and Gradle
Running the JVM in containers
Planning for future JVM releases

The Well-Grounded Java Developer, Second Edition introduces both the modern innovations and timeless fundamentals you need to know to become a Java master. Authors Ben Evans, Martijn Verburg, and Jason Clark distill their decades of experience as Java Champions, veteran developers, and key contributors to the Java ecosystem into this clear and practical guide. You'll discover how Java works under the hood and learn design secrets from Java's long history. Each concept is illustrated with hands-on examples, including a fully modularized application/library and creating your own multithreaded application.

Foreword by Heinz Kabutz.

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About the technology
Java is the beating heart of enterprise software engineering. Developers who really know Java can expect easy job hunting and interesting work. Written by experts with years of boots-on-the-ground experience, this book upgrades your Java skills. It dives into powerful features like modules and concurrency models and even reveals some of Java's deep secrets.

About the book
With The Well-Grounded Java Developer, Second Edition you will go beyond feature descriptions and learn how Java operates at the bytecode level. Master high-value techniques for concurrency and performance optimization, along with must-know practices for build, test, and deployment. You'll even look at alternate JVM languages like Kotlin and Clojure. Digest this book and stand out from the pack.

What's inside

The new Java module system
Performance tuning the JVM
Maximizing CI/CD with Maven and Gradle
Running the JVM in containers
Planning for future JVM releases

About the reader
For intermediate Java developers.

About the author
Benjamin J. Evans is a senior principal engineer at Red Hat. Martijn Verburg is the principal SWE manager for Microsoft's Java Engineering Group. Both Benjamin and Martijn are Java Champions. Jason Clark is a principal engineer and architect at New Relic.

Table of Contents
1 Introducing modern Java
2 Java modules
3 Java 17
4 Class files and bytecode
5 Java concurrency fundamentals
6 JDK concurrency libraries
7 Understanding Java performance
8 Alternative JVM languages
9 Kotlin
10 Clojure: A different view of programming
11 Building with Gradle and Maven
12 Running Java in containers
13 Testing fundamentals
14 Testing beyond JUnit
15 Advanced functional programming
16 Advanced concurrent programming
17 Modern internals
18 Future Java


從 JVM 開始理解 Java,將為您打下堅實的基礎,讓您能夠掌握高級技巧,如性能優化、並發、容器化等等。

在《The Well-Grounded Java Developer, Second Edition》中,您將學到以下內容:
- 新的 Java 模組系統及其使用原因
- JVM 的字節碼,包括操作和類加載
- JVM 的性能調優
- 使用 Java 內建的並發功能和擴展選項
- 在 JVM 上使用 Kotlin 和 Clojure 進行編程
- 通過 Maven 和 Gradle 最大化建構/CI 工具的效益
- 在容器中運行 JVM
- 規劃未來的 JVM 版本

《The Well-Grounded Java Developer, Second Edition》介紹了現代創新和永恆基礎,讓您成為 Java 大師所需的知識。作者 Ben Evans、Martijn Verburg 和 Jason Clark 將他們作為 Java Champions、資深開發人員和 Java 生態系統重要貢獻者的數十年經驗融入到這本清晰實用的指南中。您將了解 Java 在幕後的運作方式,並從 Java 的悠久歷史中學習設計秘訣。每個概念都通過實際示例進行說明,包括一個完全模塊化的應用程序/庫和創建自己的多線程應用程序。

前言由 Heinz Kabutz 撰寫。

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Java 是企業軟體工程的核心。真正了解 Java 的開發人員可以期待輕鬆找到工作並從事有趣的工作。本書由具有多年實戰經驗的專家撰寫,提升您的 Java 技能。它深入探討了模組和並發模型等強大功能,甚至揭示了一些 Java 的深層秘密。

《The Well-Grounded Java Developer, Second Edition》將超越功能描述,教您如何在字節碼級別上操作 Java。掌握並發和性能優化的高價值技巧,以及建構、測試和部署的必備實踐。您甚至還將研究像 Kotlin 和 Clojure 這樣的替代 JVM 語言。吸收本書的知識,脫穎而出。

- 新的 Java 模組系統
- JVM 的性能調優
- 通過 Maven 和 Gradle 最大化 CI/CD
- 在容器中運行 JVM
- 規劃未來的 JVM 版本

中級 Java 開發人員。

Benjamin J. Evans 是紅帽公司的高級首席工程師。
Martijn Verburg 是微軟 Java 工程組的首席 SWE 經理。Benjamin 和 Martijn 都是 Java Champions。
Jason Clark 是 New Relic 的首席工程師和架構師。

第 1 部分 - 從 8 到 11 以及更高版本!
1. 介紹現代 Java
2. Java 模組
3. Java 17
第 2 部分 - 在幕後
4. 類文件和字節碼
5. Java 並發基礎知識
6. JDK 並發庫
7. 理解 Java 性能
第 3 部分 - JVM 上的非 Java 語言
8. 替代 JVM 語言
9. Kotlin
10. Clojure:一種不同的編程觀點
第 4 部分 - 建構和部署
11. 使用 Gradle 和 Maven 進行建構
12. 在容器中運行 Java
13. 測試基礎知識
14. 超越 JUnit 的測試
第 5 部分 - Java 的前沿
15. 高級函數式編程
16. 高級並發編程
17. 現代內部結構
18. 未來的 Java


Ben Evans is a principal engineer at New Relic, a Java Champion, and the Java/JVM track lead at InfoQ, as well as a frequent contributor to Oracle's Java Magazine, and a regular speaker at conferences worldwide. He co-founded the Adopt-a-JSR and AdoptOpenJDK initiatives, and served on the Java Community Process Executive Committee for 6 years. Ben has also authored Optimizing Java, Java in a Nutshell, 7th Edition, and Java: The Legend.

Martijn Verburg is the principal SWE group manager for the Java Engineering Group at Microsoft. He is the co-leader of the London Java User Group (LJC) where he co-founded AdoptOpenJDK, the world's leading (non-Oracle) OpenJDK distribution. He has been made a Java Champion in recognition for his contribution to the Java ecosystem.

Jason Clark is a principal engineer and architect at New Relic, and was previously an architect at WebMD. A regular conference speaker, Jason contributes to the open-source project Shoes, aiming to make GUI programming easy and fun for beginners.


Ben Evans是New Relic的首席工程師,也是Java Champion,並在InfoQ擔任Java/JVM軌道負責人,同時也是Oracle的Java Magazine的常駐撰稿人,並經常在全球各地的會議上演講。他共同創辦了Adopt-a-JSR和AdoptOpenJDK計劃,並在Java社區流程執行委員會擔任了6年的職務。Ben還撰寫了《優化Java》、《Java in a Nutshell, 7th Edition》和《Java: The Legend》。

Martijn Verburg是微軟Java工程組的首席SWE團隊經理。他是倫敦Java使用者組(LJC)的共同領導者,也是AdoptOpenJDK的共同創辦人,該項目是全球領先的(非Oracle)OpenJDK發行版。他因對Java生態系統的貢獻而被授予Java Champion的榮譽。

Jason Clark是New Relic的首席工程師和架構師,曾在WebMD擔任架構師。作為一名常規會議演講者,Jason為開源項目Shoes做出貢獻,旨在使GUI編程對初學者來說更加簡單有趣。