Shipping Go: Develop, Deliver, Discuss, Design, and Go Again

Holmes, Joel

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  • 出版日期: 2023-08-04
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  • ISBN-13: 9781617299506
  • 相關分類: Go 程式語言
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Build and upgrade an automated software delivery pipeline that supports containerization, integration testing, semantic versioning, automated deployment, and more.

In Shipping Go you will learn how to:


  • Develop better software based on feedback from customers
  • Create a development pipeline that turns feedback into features
  • Reduce bugs with pipeline automation that validates code before it is deployed
  • Establish continuous testing for exceptional code quality
  • Serverless, container-based, and server-based deployments
  • Scale your deployment in a cost-effective way
  • Deliver a culture of continuous improvement

Shipping Go is a hands-on guide to shipping Go-based software. Author Joel Holmes shows you the easy way to set up development pipelines, fully illustrated with practical examples in the powerful Go language. You'll put continuous delivery and continuous integration into action, and discover instantly useful guidance on automating your team's build and reacting with agility to customer demands. Your new pipelines will ferry your projects through production and deployment, and also improve your testing, code quality, and production applications.

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About the Technology

An effective software delivery pipeline automates all stages, from initial design, through development, deployment, and ultimately the usage experience that feeds back into new features and releases. Go embraces the best practices of Continuous Delivery, and adds a few language-specific tools and twists of its own.

About the Book

Shipping Go shows you how to build Go-specific software development pipelines. You'll have a basic CI/CD process up and running by the time you finish Chapter 3, along with an iterative process for designing, releasing, and revising your applications. Then, you'll systematically upgrade your pipeline to support containerization, integration testing, semantic versioning, and automated deployment. A set of handy appendices help you translate these valuable practices to Kotlin, Python, and JavaScript applications.

What's Inside


  • Create a development pipeline that turns feedback into features
  • Automatically validate code before it is deployed
  • Serverless, container-based, and server-based deployments
  • Scale your deployment in a cost-effective way

About the Reader

For Go developers.

About the Author

Joel Holmes builds cloud native applications, helping to architect, design, and develop them. A Golang tech lead, Aliénor Latour was the technical editor for this book.

Table of Contents

1 Delivering value
2 Introducing continuous integration
3 Introducing continuous testing
4 Introducing continuous deployment
5 Code quality enforcement
6 Testing frameworks, mocking, and dependencies
7 Containerized deployment
8 Configuration management and stable releases
9 Integration testing
10 Advanced deployment
11 The loop



在《Shipping Go》中,您將學習以下內容:
- 根據客戶的反饋開發更好的軟體
- 建立一個將反饋轉化為功能的開發流程
- 通過自動化驗證程式碼在部署之前減少錯誤
- 建立持續測試以確保程式碼品質
- 伺服器無狀態、基於容器和基於伺服器的部署
- 成本效益的方式擴展部署
- 建立持續改進的文化

《Shipping Go》是一本實戰指南,教您如何交付基於Go語言的軟體。作者Joel Holmes以實際的Go語言示例詳細介紹了如何建立開發流程。您將實踐持續交付和持續整合,並獲得有關自動化團隊建置和靈活應對客戶需求的實用指導。這些新的流程將幫助您順利將項目推向生產和部署,同時改進測試、程式碼品質和生產應用。

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《Shipping Go》向您展示如何建立Go特定的軟體開發流程。在閱讀完第3章之後,您將擁有一個基本的持續整合/持續交付流程,並具備設計、發布和修訂應用程式的迭代流程。然後,您將系統地升級您的流程,以支援容器化、整合測試、語義化版本控制和自動部署。一系列實用的附錄還幫助您將這些寶貴的實踐應用於Kotlin、Python和JavaScript應用程式。

- 建立一個將反饋轉化為功能的開發流程
- 在部署之前自動驗證程式碼
- 伺服器無狀態、基於容器和基於伺服器的部署
- 成本效益的方式擴展部署


Joel Holmes擅長建立雲原生應用程式,並協助架構、設計和開發。Aliénor Latour是本書的技術編輯。

第1部分 - 啟動
1. 傳遞價值
2. 介紹持續整合
3. 介紹持續測試
4. 介紹持續部署
第2部分 - 擴展
5. 程式碼品質執行
6. 測試框架、模擬和相依性
7. 容器化部署
第3部分 - 公開
8. 組態管理和穩定版本
9. 整合測試
10. 高級部署
11. 迴圈


Joel Holmes is a software developer focused on building cloud native applications. He has worked at several start-ups helping architect, design, and develop new products and services to help those companies develop and grow. Along the way, he was able to help establish tools and processes that helped development and increase quality. Joel is an Open Source contributor, including to DevOps projects that are written in Go such as VMWare's Carvel-vendir.


Joel Holmes 是一位專注於建立雲原生應用程式的軟體開發人員。他曾在多家初創公司工作,協助架構、設計和開發新產品和服務,以幫助這些公司的發展和成長。在此過程中,他能夠幫助建立工具和流程,以促進開發並提高品質。Joel 是一位開源貢獻者,包括對使用 Go 語言編寫的 DevOps 專案,例如 VMWare 的 Carvel-vendir。