Julia for Data Analysis

Kaminski, Bogumil

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  • 出版日期: 2023-01-03
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Master core data analysis skills using Julia. Interesting hands-on projects guide you through time series data, predictive models, popularity ranking, and more.

Julia was designed for the unique needs of data scientists: it's expressive and easy-to-use whilst also delivering super fast code execution.

Julia for Data Analysis teaches you how to perform core data science tasks with this amazing language. It's written by Bogumil Kaminski, a top contributor to Julia, #1 Julia answerer on StackOverflow, and a lead developer of Julia's core data package DataFrames.jl. You'll learn how to write production-quality code in Julia, and utilize Julia's core features for data gathering, visualization, and working with data frames. Plus, the engaging hands-on projects get you into the action quickly.

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使用Julia掌握核心數據分析技能。有趣的實踐項目將引導您進行時間序列數據、預測模型、熱門排名等任務。Julia是專為數據科學家的獨特需求而設計的:它既表達豐富又易於使用,同時還能提供超快的代碼執行速度。《Julia數據分析》教您如何使用這個令人驚嘆的語言執行核心數據科學任務。作者Bogumil Kaminski是Julia的頂級貢獻者,StackOverflow上的#1 Julia回答者,也是Julia核心數據包DataFrames.jl的首席開發人員。您將學習如何在Julia中編寫生產質量的代碼,並利用Julia的核心功能進行數據收集、可視化和處理數據框。此外,引人入勝的實踐項目能讓您迅速上手。購買印刷版書籍還包括Manning Publications提供的PDF、Kindle和ePub格式的免費電子書。


Bogumil Kaminski is one of the lead developers of DataFrames.jl--the core package for data manipulation in the Julia ecosystem. He has over 20 years of experience delivering data science projects for corporate customers. He has been teaching data science at the undergraduate and graduate levels for two decades.


Bogumil Kaminski是DataFrames.jl的主要開發人員之一,DataFrames.jl是Julia生態系統中用於數據操作的核心套件。他擁有超過20年的經驗,為企業客戶提供數據科學項目的交付。他已經在本科和研究生水平上教授數據科學已有二十年。