Reactive Programming with RxJS 5: Untangle Your Asynchronous JavaScript Code

Sergi Mansilla

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  • 出版日期: 2018-03-13
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Reactive programming is revolutionary. It makes asynchronous programming clean, intuitive, and robust. Use RxJS 5 to write complex programs in a simple way, and master the Observable: a powerful data type that substitutes callbacks and promises. Think about your programs as streams of data that change and adapt to produce what you want. Manage real-world concurrency and write complex flows of events in your applications with ease. Take advantage of Schedulers to make asynchronous testing easier. The code in this new edition is completely updated for RxJS 5 and ES6.

Create concurrent applications with ease using RxJS 5, a powerful event composition library. Real-world JavaScript applications require you to master asynchronous programming, and chances are that you'll spend more time coordinating asynchronous events than writing actual functionality. This book introduces concepts and tools that will greatly simplify the process of writing asynchronous programs.

Find out about Observables, a unifying data type that simplifies concurrent code and eases the pain of callbacks. Learn how Schedulers change the concept of time itself, making asynchronous testing sane again. Find real-world examples for the browser and Node.js along the way: how about a real-time earthquake visualization in 20 lines of code, or a frantic shoot-'em-up space videogame? You'll also use Cycle.js - a modern, reactive, web framework - to make a new breed of web applications.

By the end of the book, you'll know how to think in a reactive way, and to use RxJS 5 to build complex programs and create amazing reactive user interfaces. You'll also understand how to integrate it with your existing projects and use it with the frameworks you already know. All the code in this new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated for RxJS 5, ES6, and Cycle.js Unified.

What You Need:

NodeJS 6.x and a modern web browser


反應式編程是一種革命性的方法。它使得異步編程變得乾淨、直觀和強大。使用 RxJS 5 以簡單的方式撰寫複雜的程式,並掌握 Observable:一種強大的資料類型,可以替代回呼和承諾。將您的程式視為能夠改變和適應以產生所需結果的資料流。輕鬆管理現實世界的並行性,並以簡單的方式撰寫應用程式中的複雜事件流。利用排程器使異步測試更加容易。本新版的程式碼已完全更新為 RxJS 5 和 ES6。

使用強大的事件組合庫 RxJS 5 輕鬆創建並行應用程式。現實世界的 JavaScript 應用程式需要您掌握異步編程,而您可能會花更多時間協調異步事件,而非撰寫實際功能。本書介紹了簡化撰寫異步程式的概念和工具。

了解 Observable,一種統一的資料類型,簡化並行程式碼並減輕回呼的痛苦。學習排程器如何改變時間的概念,使異步測試恢復理智。在此過程中,找到瀏覽器和 Node.js 的實際範例:例如只需 20 行程式碼的實時地震可視化,或是瘋狂的射擊太空遊戲?您還將使用 Cycle.js - 一個現代、反應式的網頁框架 - 創建新一代的網頁應用程式。

通過本書,您將學會以反應式的方式思考,並使用 RxJS 5 構建複雜的程式和創造令人驚嘆的反應式使用者介面。您還將了解如何將其與現有專案整合,並與您已經熟悉的框架一起使用。本新版的所有程式碼都經過了徹底的修訂和更新,以適應 RxJS 5、ES6 和 Cycle.js Unified。

NodeJS 6.x 和一個現代的網頁瀏覽器