Small, Sharp, Software Tools: Harness the Combinatoric Power of Command-Line Tools and Utilities

Brian P. Hogan

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  • 出版日期: 2019-07-09
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 1680502964
  • ISBN-13: 9781680502961
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The command-line interface is making a comeback. That's because developers know that all the best features of your operating system are hidden behind a user interface designed to help average people use the computer. But you're not the average user, and the CLI is the most efficient way to get work done fast. Turn tedious chores into quick tasks: read and write files, manage complex directory hierarchies, perform network diagnostics, download files, work with APIs, and combine individual programs to create your own workflows. Put down that mouse, open the CLI, and take control of your software development environment.

No matter what language or platform you're using, you can use the CLI to create projects, run servers, and manage files. You can even create new tools that fit right in with grep, sed, awk, and xargs. You'll work with the Bash shell and the most common command-line utilities available on macOS, Windows 10, and many flavors of Linux.

Create files without opening a text editor. Manage complex directory strutures and move around your entire file system without touching the mouse. Diagnose network issues and interact with APIs. Chain several commands together to transform data, and create your own scripts to automate repetitive tasks. Make things even faster by customizing your environment, creating shortcuts, and integrating other tools into your environment. Hands-on activities and exercises will cement your newfound knowledge and give you the confidence to use the CLI to its fullest potential. And if you're worried you'll wreck your system, this book walks you through creating an Ubuntu virtual machine so you can practice worry-free.

Dive into the CLI and join the thousands of other devs who use it every day.

What You Need:

You'll need macOS, Windows 10, or a Linux distribution like Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, or Debian using the Bash shell.


命令列介面正在復興。這是因為開發人員知道,操作系統的所有最佳功能都隱藏在一個設計用於幫助普通人使用電腦的使用者介面後面。但你不是普通用戶,命令列介面是最高效的方式,可以快速完成工作。將乏味的任務轉變為快速的任務:讀寫文件,管理複雜的目錄層次結構,進行網絡診斷,下載文件,使用 API,並結合個別程序來創建自己的工作流程。放下滑鼠,打開命令列介面,掌握軟體開發環境的控制權。

無論你使用哪種語言或平台,都可以使用命令列介面來創建項目,運行伺服器和管理文件。你甚至可以創建與 grep、sed、awk 和 xargs 完全相容的新工具。你將使用 Bash shell 和在 macOS、Windows 10 和許多 Linux 版本中可用的最常見的命令列工具。

無需打開文本編輯器即可創建文件。在不觸碰滑鼠的情況下管理複雜的目錄結構並在整個檔案系統中移動。診斷網絡問題並與 API 進行交互。將多個命令鏈接在一起以轉換數據,並創建自己的腳本來自動執行重複性任務。通過自定義環境、創建快捷方式和將其他工具集成到環境中,使事情變得更快。實踐活動和練習將鞏固你新獲得的知識,並給你信心充分發揮命令列介面的潛力。如果你擔心會搞砸系統,本書將引導你創建一個 Ubuntu 虛擬機,讓你可以無憂無慮地練習。


你需要的是:macOS、Windows 10 或像 Ubuntu、Fedora、CentOS 或 Debian 這樣的 Linux 發行版,並使用 Bash shell。