Competitive Programming 4 - Book 1 (Paperback)

Halim, Steven, Halim, Felix, Effendy, Suhendry

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  • 出版日期: 2018-12-03
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  • ISBN: 1716745527
  • ISBN-13: 9781716745522
  • 相關分類: Algorithms-data-structures程式語言
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This Competitive Programming book, 4th edition (CP4) is a must have for every competitive programmer. Mastering the contents of this book is a necessary (but admittedly not sufficient) condition if one wishes to take a leap forward from being just another ordinary coder to being among one of the world's finest competitive programmers. Typical readers of Book 1 (only) of CP4 would include: (1). Secondary or High School Students who are competing in the annual International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) (including the National or Provincial Olympiads) as Book 1 covers most of the current IOI Syllabus, (2). Casual University students who are using this book as supplementary material for typical Data Structures and Algorithms courses, (3). Anyone who wants to prepare for typical fundamental data structure/algorithm part of a job interview at top IT companies. Typical readers of both Book 1 + Book 2 of CP4 would include: (1). University students who are competing in the annual International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) Regional Contests (including the World Finals) as Book 2 covers much more Computer Science topics that have appeared in the ICPCs, (2). Teachers or Coaches who are looking for comprehensive training materials, (3). Anyone who loves solving problems through computer programs. There are numerous programming contests for those who are no longer eligible for ICPC, including Google CodeJam, Facebook Hacker Cup, TopCoder Open, CodeForces contest, Internet Problem Solving Contest (IPSC), etc.


這本《競技程式設計》第四版(CP4)是每個競技程式設計師必備的書籍。掌握本書的內容是想要從普通的程式設計師跨越到世界頂尖競技程式設計師之間的必要條件(雖然不是充分條件)。CP4的第一本書適合以下讀者:(1)參加國際資訊學奧林匹克競賽(IOI)(包括國家或省級奧林匹克競賽)的中學或高中學生,因為第一本書涵蓋了大部分IOI課程大綱;(2)大學生課程中使用本書作為典型資料結構和演算法課程的補充材料的學生;(3)任何希望為頂尖IT公司的典型基礎資料結構/演算法面試做準備的人。CP4的第一本書和第二本書的典型讀者包括:(1)參加國際大學生程式設計競賽(ICPC)區域賽(包括世界總決賽)的大學生,因為第二本書涵蓋了更多ICPC中出現的計算機科學主題;(2)尋找全面培訓材料的教師或教練;(3)喜歡通過計算機程序解決問題的任何人。對於不再符合ICPC資格的人來說,還有許多程式設計競賽,包括Google CodeJam、Facebook Hacker Cup、TopCoder Open、CodeForces競賽、Internet Problem Solving Contest(IPSC)等。