Serverless GraphQL APIs with Amazon's AWS AppSync (API-University Series) (Volume 8)

Matthias Biehl



This book gets you a running start with serverless GraphQL APIs on Amazon's AWS AppSync. GraphQL is now a viable option for modern API design. And since Facebook, Yelp, and Shopify have built successful APIs with GraphQL, many companies consider following in the technological footsteps of these tech giants. Using GraphQL is great, but by itself, it is only half the rent: It requires the manual installation and maintenance of software infrastructure components. AppSync is a cloud-based platform for GraphQL APIs. It is serverless, so you waste no time setting up infrastructure. It scales up and down dynamically depending on the load. It supports your app developers with an SDK for synchronization and offline support. You pay only what you use, so no upfront investment is needed and it may save your organizations thousands of dollars in IT costs. Whether you are new to GraphQL, or you are an experienced GraphQL developer, this book will provide you with the knowledge needed to get started with AWS AppSync. After quickly covering the GraphQL foundations, you will dive into the practice of developing APIs with AWS AppSync with in-depth walkthroughs, screenshots, and code samples. The book guides you through the step-by-step process of creating a GraphQL schema, developing GraphQL APIs, connecting data sources, developing resolvers with AppSync templates, securing your API, offering real-time data, developing offline support and synchronization for your apps and much more.