Network Programming with Go: Learn to Code Secure and Reliable Network Services from Scratch

Woodbeck, Adam

  • 出版商: No Starch Press
  • 出版日期: 2021-03-25
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 1718500882
  • ISBN-13: 9781718500884
  • 相關分類: Computer-networks
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Shows you how to leverage the Go programming language's concurrency and rich standard library to write robust network programs. You'll learn how to write secure, network software in idiomatic Go using the language's latest features.

In Network Programming with Go you'll learn how to leverage Go's concurrency and rich standard library to write robust network programs to create and handle network connections. You'll learn how to send binary data using TCP and UDP, craft custom web clients and servers, build secure network connections with TLS, serialize data and use gRPC, and gain insight into your applications with structured logging and metrics.

The author also connects network applications with corresponding cloud offerings such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud and shows how to programmatically interact with these providers using their software development kits. Difficult concepts are explained with analogies, diagrams, and examples as you learn to solve common networking problems and write secure software.

For professional developers and experienced Go programmers.




作者還將網路應用程式與相應的雲端服務(如AWS、Azure和Google Cloud)相連接,並展示如何使用它們的軟體開發工具包與這些提供者進行程式化互動。透過類比、圖表和範例,您將學習解決常見網路問題和撰寫安全軟體的方法。



Adam Woodbeck is a Senior Software Engineer at Barracuda Networks where he has implemented a distributed cloud environment in Go to supplant the previous cloud infrastructure, profoundly increasing its scalability and performance. Before his career in software engineering, Woodbeck spent time in the world of biomechanics and neurology, caring for patients as a chiropractor for nearly a decade. Adam relishes the opportunity to take a deep dive into interesting topics and distill that information into a digestible format for the benefit others.


Adam Woodbeck是Barracuda Networks的高級軟體工程師,他在該公司實施了一個分散式雲環境,使用Go語言取代了之前的雲基礎架構,極大地提升了可擴展性和性能。在從事軟體工程之前,Woodbeck在生物力學和神經學領域度過了一段時間,作為一名脊椎按摩師照顧病人近十年。Adam喜歡深入研究有趣的主題,並將這些信息提煉成易於理解的格式,以造福他人。