Strange Code: Esoteric Languages That Make Programming Fun Again

Kneusel, Ronald T.

  • 出版商: No Starch Press
  • 出版日期: 2022-09-27
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 1718502400
  • ISBN-13: 9781718502406
  • 相關分類: 程式語言Computer-networks
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Strengthen your overall coding skills by exploring the wonderful, wild, and often weird world of esoteric languages (esolangs).

Strange Code starts with a dive into the underlying history of programming, covering the early computer-science concepts, like Turing machines and Turing completeness, that led to the languages we use today. It then explores the realm of "atypical" programming languages, introducing you to the out-of-the-box thinking that comes from these unusual approaches to coding.

Later chapters address the even more unusual esolangs, nearly all of which are like nothing you've ever seen. Finally, author Ron Kneusel helps you develop and use two entirely new programming languages. You may not apply these languages in your day job, but this one-of-a-kind book will motivate you to think differently about what it means to express thought through code, while discovering the far-flung boundaries of programming.

You'll learn:

  • How to program with pictures using Piet
  • How to write two-dimensional programs in Befunge
  • How to implement machine-learning algorithms using the text pattern matching language SNOBOL
  • How to decipher Brainfuck code like [->-[>]>>]>[[-]+>+>>]
  • How to design and create two original programming languages

  • Learning to think in these languages will make you a better, more confident programmer.




    後面的章節則涉及更不尋常的異數語言,幾乎所有這些語言都是前所未見的。最後,作者 Ron Kneusel 幫助你開發並使用兩種全新的程式語言。雖然你可能不會在日常工作中應用這些語言,但這本獨一無二的書將激勵你以不同的方式思考如何通過程式碼表達思想,同時發現程式設計的廣闊邊界。

    - 如何使用 Piet 以圖片進行編程
    - 如何在 Befunge 中撰寫二維程式
    - 如何使用文本模式匹配語言 SNOBOL 實現機器學習演算法
    - 如何解讀 Brainfuck 代碼,例如 [->-[>]>>]>[[-]+>+>>]
    - 如何設計並創建兩種原創程式語言



    A programming language enthusiast, Ronald T. Kneusel's experience with programming languages began circa 1980 when he first encountered an Apple II computer. Decades later, he completed a PhD in machine learning from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and now works in the industry developing deep learning systems. He is the author of Practical Deep Learning: A Python-Based Introduction (No Starch Press), Math for Deep Learning (No Starch Press), Numbers and Computers (Springer), and Random Numbers and Computers (Springer).


    程式語言愛好者 Ronald T. Kneusel 的程式語言經驗始於1980年左右,當時他第一次接觸到一台 Apple II 電腦。數十年後,他在科羅拉多大學波德分校完成了機器學習的博士學位,現在在業界從事深度學習系統的開發工作。他是《Practical Deep Learning: A Python-Based Introduction》(No Starch Press)、《Math for Deep Learning》(No Starch Press)、《Numbers and Computers》(Springer)和《Random Numbers and Computers》(Springer)的作者。