Androids: The Team That Built the Android Operating System

Haase, Chet




Chet Haase has spent many years working in high tech companies across Silicon Valley, usually on graphics software. He joined the Android team at Google in 2010, where he has written animation and UI software, led the UI toolkit team, served as Android's Chief Advocate in developer relations, and is now an engineer in the graphics team. He writes books and articles, creates videos and gives presentations, either humorous or technical (often both). This is Chet's sixth book. His other books include two programming books, two humor books, and one slim volume of poetry about donuts.


Chet Haase在矽谷的高科技公司工作了多年,通常從事圖形軟體相關的工作。他於2010年加入Google的Android團隊,撰寫動畫和UI軟體,領導UI工具包團隊,擔任Android開發者關係的首席倡導者,現在是圖形團隊的工程師。他撰寫書籍和文章,製作影片並進行演講,內容有趣或技術性(通常兼具兩者)。這是Chet的第六本書。他的其他書籍包括兩本程式設計書籍、兩本幽默書籍,以及一本關於甜甜圈的短篇詩集。