CEH v10: EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker Complete Training Guide with Practice Questions & Labs: Exam: 312-50

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EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) v10 Exam 312-50 Latest v10.
This updated version includes three major enhancement,
New modules added to cover complete CEHv10 blueprint.
Book scrutinized to rectify grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary errors.
Added 150+ Exam Practice Questions to help you in the exam.

CEHv10 Update

CEH v10 covers new modules for the security of IoT devices, vulnerability analysis, focus on emerging attack vectors on the cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning including a complete malware analysis process. Our CEH workbook delivers a deep understanding of applications of the vulnerability analysis in a real-world environment.

Information security is always a great challenge for networks and systems. Data breach statistics estimated millions of records stolen every day which evolved the need for Security. Almost each and every organization in the world demands security from identity theft, information leakage and the integrity of their data. The role and skills of Certified Ethical Hacker are becoming more significant and demanding than ever. EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) ensures the delivery of knowledge regarding fundamental and advanced security threats, evasion techniques from intrusion detection system and countermeasures of attacks as well as up-skill you to penetrate platforms to identify vulnerabilities in the architecture.

CEH v10 update will cover the latest exam blueprint, comprised of 20 Modules which includes the practice of information security and hacking tools which are popularly used by professionals to exploit any computer systems. CEHv10 course blueprint covers all five Phases of Ethical Hacking starting from Reconnaissance, Gaining Access, Enumeration, Maintaining Access till covering your tracks. While studying CEHv10, you will feel yourself into a Hacker's Mindset. Major additions in the CEHv10 course are Vulnerability Analysis, IoT Hacking, Focused on Emerging Attack Vectors, Hacking Challenges, and updates of latest threats & attacks including Ransomware, Android Malware, Banking & Financial malware, IoT botnets and much more.

IPSpecialist CEH technology workbook will help you to learn
 Five Phases of Ethical Hacking with tools, techniques, and The methodology of Vulnerability Analysis to explore security loopholes, Vulnerability Management Life Cycle, and Tools used for Vulnerability analysis. DoS/DDoS, Session Hijacking, SQL Injection & much more. Threats to IoT platforms and defending techniques of IoT devices. Advance Vulnerability Analysis to identify security loopholes in a corporate network, infrastructure, and endpoints. Cryptography Concepts, Ciphers, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Cryptography attacks, Cryptanalysis tools and Methodology of Crypt Analysis. Penetration testing, security audit, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing roadmap. Cloud computing concepts, threats, attacks, tools, and Wireless networks, Wireless network security, Threats, Attacks, and Countermeasures and much more


EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) v10考試312-50最新版本v10。

CEH v10涵蓋了新模組,用於保護物聯網設備、漏洞分析,重點關注雲端上的新興攻擊向量、人工智慧和機器學習,包括完整的惡意軟體分析過程。我們的CEH工作手冊在實際環境中提供了對漏洞分析應用的深入理解。

資訊安全對於網路和系統始終是一個巨大的挑戰。數據洩露統計數據估計每天有數百萬條記錄被盜,這促使了對安全的需求。幾乎世界上的每個組織都要求保護身份盗竊、信息洩露和數據完整性。認證的道德駭客的角色和技能變得比以往更加重要和需求。EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH)確保傳遞有關基本和高級安全威脅、入侵檢測系統的逃避技術和攻擊對策的知識,並提升您的技能,以滲透平台以識別架構中的漏洞。

CEH v10更新將涵蓋最新的考試藍圖,包括20個模組,其中包括信息安全和黑客工具的實踐,這些工具是專業人士用來利用任何計算機系統的流行工具。CEHv10課程藍圖涵蓋了道德駭客的五個階段,從偵察、獲取訪問權限、列舉、維持訪問權限到覆蓋蹤跡。在學習CEHv10時,您將感受到自己置身於駭客的思維模式中。CEHv10課程的主要新增內容包括漏洞分析、物聯網駭客、重點關注新興攻擊向量、駭客挑戰以及最新威脅和攻擊的更新,包括勒索軟體、Android惡意軟體、銀行和金融惡意軟體、物聯網僵屍網絡等等。

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