Python Tricks: A Buffet of Awesome Python Features (Paperback)

Dan Bader




“I don’t even feel like I’ve scratched the surface of what I can do with Python”

With Python Tricks: The Book you’ll discover Python’s best practices and the power of beautiful & Pythonic code with simple examples and a step-by-step narrative.

You'll get one step closer to mastering Python, so you can write beautiful and idiomatic code that comes to you naturally.

Learning the ins and outs of Python is difficult—and with this book you'll be able to focus on the practical skills that really matter. Discover the “hidden gold” in Python’s standard library and start writing clean and Pythonic code today.

Who Should Read This Book:

  • If you’re wondering which lesser known parts in Python you should know about, you’ll get a roadmap with this book. Discover cool (yet practical!) Python tricks and blow your coworkers’ minds in your next code review.
  • If you’ve got experience with legacy versions of Python, the book will get you up to speed with modern patterns and features introduced in Python 3 and backported to Python 2.
  • If you’ve worked with other programming languages and you want to get up to speed with Python, you’ll pick up the idioms and practical tips you need to become a confident and effective Pythonista.
  • If you want to make Python your own and learn how to write clean and Pythonic code, you’ll discover best practices and little-known tricks to round out your knowledge.

What Python Developers Say About The Book:

"I kept thinking that I wished I had access to a book like this when I started learning Python many years ago." — Mariatta Wijaya, Python Core Developer

"This book makes you write better Python code!" — Bob Belderbos, Software Developer at Oracle

"Far from being just a shallow collection of snippets, this book will leave the attentive reader with a deeper understanding of the inner workings of Python as well as an appreciation for its beauty." — Ben Felder, Pythonista

"It's like having a seasoned tutor explaining, well, tricks!" — Daniel Meyer, Sr. Desktop Administrator at Tesla Inc.



透過《Python Tricks: The Book》,您將發現Python的最佳實踐和美麗且Pythonic的代碼的威力,並通過簡單的示例和逐步解說來學習。




- 如果您想知道Python中的一些較少人知的部分,這本書將為您提供一個路線圖。發現酷炫(但實用!)的Python技巧,並在下一次程式碼審查中讓您的同事大吃一驚。
- 如果您有使用過舊版本Python的經驗,這本書將使您了解Python 3中引入並回溯到Python 2的現代模式和功能。
- 如果您曾經使用過其他編程語言,並且想要快速掌握Python,您將學習到成為自信且高效的Pythonista所需的慣用語法和實用技巧。
- 如果您想讓Python成為自己的專長,並學習如何撰寫乾淨且Pythonic的代碼,您將發現最佳實踐和鮮為人知的技巧,以完善您的知識。


- 「我一直在想,如果我在多年前開始學習Python時能夠有這樣一本書就好了。」- Mariatta Wijaya,Python核心開發者
- 「這本書讓您寫出更好的Python代碼!」- Bob Belderbos,Oracle軟體開發者
- 「這本書不僅僅是一個淺薄的代碼片段集合,它將讓細心閱讀的讀者對Python的內部運作有更深入的理解,並對其美感有所體會。」- Ben Felder,Pythonista
- 「這就像有一位經驗豐富的導師解釋,嗯,技巧!」- Daniel Meyer,特斯拉公司高級桌面管理員