Instant OpenCV for iOS

Kirill Kornyakov, Alexander Shishkov



Learn how to build real-time computer vision applications for the iOS platform using the OpenCV library


  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Build and run your OpenCV code on iOS
  • Become familiar with iOS fundamentals and make your application interact with the GUI, camera, and gallery
  • Build your library of computer vision effects, including photo and video filters

In Detail

Computer vision on mobile devices is becoming more and more popular. Personal gadgets are now powerful enough to process high-resolution images, stitch panoramas, and detect and track objects. OpenCV, with its decent performance and wide range of functionality, can be an extremely useful tool in the hands of iOS developers.

Instant OpenCV for iOS is a practical guide that walks you through every important step for building a computer vision application for the iOS platform. It will help you to port your OpenCV code, profile and optimize it, and wrap it into a GUI application. Each recipe is accompanied by a sample project or an example that helps you focus on a particular aspect of the technology.

Instant OpenCV for iOS starts by creating a simple iOS application and linking OpenCV before moving on to processing images and videos in real-time. It covers the major ways to retrieve images, process them, and view or export results. Special attention is also given to performance issues, as they greatly affect the user experience.Several computer vision projects will be considered throughout the book. These include a couple of photo filters that help you to print a postcard or add a retro effect to your images. Another one is a demonstration of the facial feature detection algorithm. In several time-critical cases, the processing speed is measured and optimized using ARM NEON and the Accelerate framework.

OpenCV for iOS gives you all the information you need to build a high-performance computer vision application for iOS devices.

What you will learn from this book

  • Build a simple iOS application with GUI and controls
  • Link OpenCV to your project and call it from the Objective C code
  • Load and save images to the gallery
  • Interact with the camera and control its advanced settings
  • Implement several photo effects
  • Process video streams from the camera in real-time and save it in H.264 format
  • Detect faces and facial features and minimize the detection speed
  • Use the Accelerate framework to optimize the performance


Filled with practical, step-by-step instructions and clear explanations for the most important and useful tasks. This book uses a very practical approach, with each recipe and their associated sample projects or examples focusing on a particular aspect of the technology.

Who this book is written for

This book is intended for OpenCV developers who are interested in porting their applications to the iOS platform. Basic experience with OpenCV, computer vision, Objective C, and other iOS tools is encouraged.



- 在瞬間學習新知識!一本短小、快速、專注的指南,立即獲得成果
- 在iOS上建立並運行您的OpenCV程式碼
- 熟悉iOS基礎知識,使您的應用程式與GUI、相機和圖庫互動
- 建立您的計算機視覺效果庫,包括照片和視頻濾鏡

- 移動設備上的計算機視覺越來越受歡迎。個人設備現在已經足夠強大,可以處理高分辨率圖像,拼接全景圖,並檢測和追踪物體。OpenCV以其良好的性能和廣泛的功能範圍,在iOS開發人員手中可以成為一個非常有用的工具。

- 《即時OpenCV for iOS》是一本實用指南,逐步引導您完成在iOS平台上建立計算機視覺應用程式的每一個重要步驟。它將幫助您移植OpenCV程式碼,進行性能分析和優化,並將其封裝成GUI應用程式。每個示例都附有一個示範項目或示例,幫助您專注於技術的特定方面。

- 《即時OpenCV for iOS》首先創建一個簡單的iOS應用程式,並連接OpenCV,然後進行實時圖像和視頻處理。它涵蓋了檢索圖像、處理圖像、查看或導出結果的主要方法。同樣也特別關注性能問題,因為它們對用戶體驗有很大影響。本書將考慮幾個計算機視覺項目,包括一些照片濾鏡,可幫助您打印明信片或為圖像添加復古效果。另一個示例是面部特徵檢測算法的演示。在幾個時間關鍵的情況下,使用ARM NEON和Accelerate框架測量和優化處理速度。

- OpenCV for iOS為您提供了構建高性能計算機視覺應用程式的所有信息。

- 使用GUI和控制項建立簡單的iOS應用程式
- 將OpenCV連接到您的項目並從Objective C代碼中調用它
- 將圖像加載到圖庫並保存
- 與相機互動並控制其高級設置
- 實現幾種照片效果
- 實時處理來自相機的視頻流並以H.264格式保存
- 檢測面部和面部特徵並最小化檢測速度
- 使用Accelerate框架優化性能

- 充滿實用的逐步指示和對最重要和最有用任務的清晰解釋。本書採用非常實用的方法,每個示例及其相關的示範項目或示例都專注於技術的特定方面。

- 本書適用於希望將其應用程式移植到iOS平台的OpenCV開發人員。鼓勵具有OpenCV、計算機視覺、Objective C和其他iOS工具的基本經驗。