Mastering AWS Development

Uchit Vyas

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  • 出版日期: 2015-06-19
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • ISBN: 1782173633
  • ISBN-13: 9781782173632
  • 相關分類: Amazon Web Services
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Develop and migrate your enterprise application to the Amazon Web Services platform

About This Book

  • Identify and recognize cloud architecture features to design highly available, cost efficient, fault tolerant, and scalable distributed systems
  • Code and implement a cloud solution with the help of appropriate techniques and methods such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Elastic Beanstalk, and so on
  • A hands-on, example-driven guide that helps you leverage the vast powers of the AWS infrastructure

Who This Book Is For

This book is for web and Cloud computing developers with knowledge of databases, basic virtualization, and Cloud computing. Having prior understanding of architecting on AWS is recommended.

What You Will Learn

  • Get to grips with the AWS development platform to access, authenticate, and manage the identity of various applications
  • Create a scalable infrastructure using EC2, EBS, the Elastic load balancer, and auto scaling efficiently as per your web traffic requirements
  • Manage the whole storage life cycle of AWS using different services such as RDS, S3, and RedShift programmatically
  • Design and develop a web application, a batch processing system, and their required infrastructures
  • Understand the importance of APIs at the development phase with AWS and leverage the benefits of REST-based APIs call over AWS services
  • Explore troubleshooting best practices, security on AWS and disaster recovery plans
  • Bootstrap AWS EC2 instances with preconfiguration commands to set up the environment and use Chef for automation and deployment

In Detail

This book is a practical guide to developing, administering, and managing applications and infrastructures with AWS. With this, you'll be able to create, design, and manage an entire application life cycle on AWS by using the AWS SDKs, APIs, and the AWS Management Console.

You'll start with the basics of the AWS development platform and look into creating stable and scalable infrastructures using EC2, EBS, and Elastic Load Balancers. You'll then deep-dive into designing and developing your own web app and learn about the alarm mechanism, disaster recovery plan, and connecting AWS services through REST-based APIs. Following this, you'll get to grips with CloudFormation, auto scaling, bootstrap AWS EC2 instances, automation and deployment with Chef, and develop your knowledge of big data and Apache Hadoop on AWS Cloud.

At the end, you'll have learned about AWS billing, cost-control architecture designs, AWS Security features and troubleshooting methods, and developed AWS-centric applications based on an underlying AWS infrastructure.


開發並遷移您的企業應用程式到Amazon Web Services平台


  • 識別和認識雲架構特點,以設計高可用、成本效益、容錯和可擴展的分散式系統

  • 使用適當的技術和方法(如Amazon EC2、Amazon S3、Elastic Beanstalk等)編寫和實施雲解決方案

  • 一本實例驅動的實踐指南,幫助您充分利用AWS基礎設施的強大功能




  • 熟悉AWS開發平台,以訪問、驗證和管理各種應用程式的身份

  • 根據網絡流量需求,使用EC2、EBS、彈性負載均衡器和自動擴展創建可擴展的基礎設施

  • 以編程方式管理AWS的整個存儲生命周期,使用不同的服務,如RDS、S3和RedShift

  • 設計和開發網絡應用程式、批處理系統及其所需的基礎設施

  • 了解在AWS開發階段API的重要性,並利用基於REST的API調用AWS服務的好處

  • 探索故障排除的最佳實踐、AWS上的安全性和災難恢復計劃

  • 使用預配置命令引導AWS EC2實例以設置環境,並使用Chef進行自動化和部署


本書是一本實用指南,介紹了使用AWS開發、管理和管理應用程式和基礎設施的方法。通過使用AWS SDK、API和AWS管理控制台,您將能夠在AWS上創建、設計和管理整個應用程式生命周期。

您將從AWS開發平台的基礎知識開始,並深入研究使用EC2、EBS和彈性負載均衡器創建穩定和可擴展的基礎設施。然後,您將深入研究設計和開發自己的Web應用程式,並了解警報機制、災難恢復計劃以及通過基於REST的API連接AWS服務。接著,您將瞭解CloudFormation、自動擴展、引導AWS EC2實例、使用Chef進行自動化和部署,並深入了解大數據和Apache Hadoop在AWS Cloud上的應用。