Production Ready OpenStack - Recipes for Successful Environments

Arthur Berezin

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Over 90 practical and highly applicable recipes to successfully deploy various OpenStack configurations in production

About This Book

  • Get a deep understanding of OpenStack's internal structure and services
  • Learn real-world examples on how to build and configure various production grade use cases for each of OpenStack's services
  • Use a step-by-step approach to install and configure OpenStack's services to provide Compute, Storage, and Networking as a services for cloud workloads

Who This Book Is For

If you have a basic understanding of Linux and Cloud computing and want to learn about configurations that OpenStack supports, this is the book for you. Knowledge of virtualization and managing Linux environments is expected. Prior knowledge or experience of OpenStack is not required, although beneficial.

What You Will Learn

  • Plan an installation of OpenStack with a basic configuration
  • Deploy OpenStack in a highly available configuration
  • Configure Keystone Identity services with multiple types of identity backends
  • Configure Glance Image Store with File, NFS, Swift, or Ceph image backends and use local image caching
  • Design Cinder to use a single storage provider such as LVM, Ceph, and NFS backends, or to use multiple storage backends simultaneously
  • Manage and configure the OpenStack networking backend
  • Configure OpenStack's compute hypervisor and the instance scheduling mechanism
  • Build and customize the OpenStack dashboard

In Detail

OpenStack is the most popular open source cloud platform used by organizations building internal private clouds and by public cloud providers. OpenStack is designed in a fully distributed architecture to provide Infrastructure as a Service, allowing us to maintain a massively scalable cloud infrastructure. OpenStack is developed by a vibrant community of open source developers who come from the largest software companies in the world.

The book provides a comprehensive and practical guide to the multiple uses cases and configurations that OpenStack supports. This book simplifies the learning process by guiding you through how to install OpenStack in a single controller configuration.

The book goes deeper into deploying OpenStack in a highly available configuration. You'll then configure Keystone Identity Services using LDAP, Active Directory, or the MySQL identity provider and configure a caching layer and SSL. After that, you will configure storage back-end providers for Glance and Cinder, which will include Ceph, NFS, Swift, and local storage. Then you will configure the Neutron networking service with provider network VLANs, and tenant network VXLAN and GRE.

Also, you will configure Nova's Hypervisor with KVM, and QEMU emulation, and you will configure Nova's scheduler filters and weights. Finally, you will configure Horizon to use Apache HTTPD and SSL, and you will customize the dashboard's appearance.

Style and approach

This book consists of clear, concise instructions coupled with practical and applicable recipes that will enable you to use and implement the latest features of OpenStack.



- 深入了解OpenStack的內部結構和服務
- 學習如何建立和配置OpenStack各個服務的實際案例,以滿足生產環境的需求
- 使用逐步方法安裝和配置OpenStack的服務,為雲工作負載提供計算、存儲和網絡服務


- 計劃使用基本配置安裝OpenStack
- 在高可用配置中部署OpenStack
- 使用多種身份後端配置Keystone身份服務
- 使用文件、NFS、Swift或Ceph圖像後端配置Glance圖像存儲,並使用本地圖像緩存
- 設計Cinder以使用單個存儲提供者,如LVM、Ceph和NFS後端,或同時使用多個存儲後端
- 管理和配置OpenStack的網絡後端
- 配置OpenStack的計算虛擬化程序和實例調度機制
- 構建和自定義OpenStack儀表板



本書深入介紹了如何在高可用配置中部署OpenStack。然後,您將使用LDAP、Active Directory或MySQL身份提供者配置Keystone身份服務,並配置緩存層和SSL。之後,您將為Glance和Cinder配置存儲後端提供者,包括Ceph、NFS、Swift和本地存儲。然後,您將使用提供者網絡VLAN和租戶網絡VXLAN和GRE配置Neutron網絡服務。

此外,您將使用KVM和QEMU仿真配置Nova的虛擬化程序,並配置Nova的調度器過濾器和權重。最後,您將配置Horizon使用Apache HTTPD和SSL,並自定義儀表板的外觀。