Real-time Analytics with Storm and Cassandra (Paperback)

Shilpi Saxena



Solve real-time analytics problems effectively using Storm and Cassandra

About This Book

  • Create your own data processing topology and implement it in various real-time scenarios using Storm and Cassandra
  • Build highly available and linearly scalable applications using Storm and Cassandra that will process voluminous data at lightning speed
  • A pragmatic and example-oriented guide to implement various applications built with Storm and Cassandra

Who This Book Is For

If you want to efficiently use Storm and Cassandra together and excel at developing production-grade, distributed real-time applications, then this book is for you. No prior knowledge of using Storm and Cassandra together is necessary. However, a background in Java is expected.

In Detail

This book will teach you how to use Storm for real-time data processing and to make your applications highly available with no downtime using Cassandra.

The book starts off with the basics of Storm and its components along with setting up the environment for the execution of a Storm topology in local and distributed mode. Moving on, you will explore the Storm and Zookeeper configurations, understand the Storm UI, set up Storm clusters, and monitor Storm clusters using various tools. You will then add NoSQL persistence to Storm and set up a Cassandra cluster. You will do all this while being guided by the best practices for Storm and Cassandra applications. Next, you will learn about data partitioning and consistent hashing in Cassandra through examples and also see high availability features and replication in Cassandra. Finally, you'll learn about different methods that you can use to manage and maintain Cassandra and Storm.




  • 使用Storm和Cassandra創建自己的數據處理拓撲圖,並在各種實時場景中實施

  • 使用Storm和Cassandra構建高可用性和線性可擴展性應用程序,以極快的速度處理大量數據

  • 一個實用且以實例為導向的指南,用於實施使用Storm和Cassandra構建的各種應用程序





本書首先介紹了Storm及其組件的基礎知識,以及在本地和分佈式模式下設置Storm拓撲圖執行環境的方法。接著,您將探索Storm和Zookeeper的配置,了解Storm UI,設置Storm集群,並使用各種工具監控Storm集群。然後,您將為Storm添加NoSQL持久性並設置Cassandra集群。在這一過程中,您將遵循Storm和Cassandra應用程序的最佳實踐。接下來,您將通過示例了解Cassandra中的數據分區和一致性哈希,並了解Cassandra的高可用性功能和複製。最後,您將學習使用不同方法來管理和維護Cassandra和Storm。