Haskell Cookbook

Yogesh Sajanikar


Key Features

  • Comprehensive guide for establishing a strong foundation in Haskell and developing pragmatic code.
  • Coverage of data streams that will consume and process large amounts of data in constant space.
  • Using Existential types to approximate OOP inheritance in an idiomatic fashion.

Book Description

Haskell is a purely functional language that has the great ability to develop large and difficult softwares that are easily maintainable. Haskell Cookbook provides recipes that start by illustrating the principles of functional programming in Haskell, and then gradually build up your expertise in creating industrial strength programs to accomplish any goal. The book covers topics like Functors, Applicative and Monads and Transformers. You will learn various ways of handling state in your application and explore advanced topics such as Generalized Algebraic Data Types, Higher kind types, Existential types, and Type families. The book will discuss the association of lenses with typeclasses such as Functor, Foldable and Traversable that will help you manage deep data structures. With the help of the wide selection of examples in this book, you will be able to upgrade your Haskell programming skills and develop scalable software idiomatically.

What you will learn

  • Use functional data structures and algorithms to solve problems
  • Understand the intricacies of the type system
  • Create a simple parser for integer expressions with additions.
  • Build high performance web services with Haskell.
  • Mechanisms for concurrency and parallelism in Haskell.
  • Perform parsing, how to process large amounts of data and to handle scarce resources like filesystem handles.
  • Organize your programs by creating your own types, type classes.