Teaching with Google Classroom

Michael Zhang



Key Features

  • This is the first book to guide educators step by step through teaching with Google Classroom
  • It s focused on you, your students, and providing great learning experiences easily
  • It s easy to follow, with everything you need to get started and keep going even if you re not a technology fan

Book Description

Google Classroom helps teachers bring their work online. According to Google Trends, it s already bigger than Moodle after barely a year in the wild. This book is a complete start-to-finish guide for teachers using Google Classroom for the first time. It explains what Google Classroom is, what it can do, how to set it up, and how to use it to enhance student learning while making your life as a teacher easier. It shows you how to place resources and activities online, gather assignments, and develop group and individual activities. It s not just a manual, you ll also discover inspiring, easy ways to put Google Classroom to work for you and your class.

What you will learn

  • Create a Google Classroom and add customized information for each individual class
  • Add students to a Google Classroom
  • Send announcements and questions to students
  • Create, distribute, collect, and grade assignments through Google Classroom
  • Add events to and share a Google Classroom s calendar with parents to track a student's progress
  • Reuse posts, archive classrooms, and perform other administrative tasks in Google Classroom
  • Use Google Docs Add-ons, and Google Chrome Webstore Apps and Extensions to enhance assignments
  • Set up Google Classroom s mobile app

About the Author

Michael Zhang is a certified trainer for Google Apps for Education. He has an Education and Science degree from the University of Alberta and works within the public school system in Canada. He is in contact with a large population of teachers and often questions them regarding modern technologies within the classroom. Given the opportunity, he teaches classes as well and has opportunities to use Google Apps for Education for a consistent set of students. Michael has spoken at several teaching conventions and facilitates technology training in Google Apps, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud and other software. His experiences help him to communicate technology in a comprehensible manner to his audience. He believes that technology should save time and improve productivity and hopes this book does just that for its readers.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting to Know Google Classroom
  2. Inviting Students to Their Virtual Classroom
  3. Sending Your First Announcement
  4. Starting an Online Discussion with Questions
  5. Handing out and Taking in Assignments
  6. Grading Written Assignments in a Flash
  7. Google Forms for Multiple Choice and Fill-in-the-blank Assignments
  8. Keeping Parents in the Loop
  9. Customizing to Your Subject