Raspberry Pi Robotic Projects, 3/e

Richard Grimmett


Key Features

  • Easy to follow instructions, yet the ones that help you build powerful robots, and exclusive coverage of mobile robots with the Pi Zero
  • Build robots that can run, swim and fly and the cutting-edge dimension of robotics that is possible with the Raspberry Pi Zero and Pi 3
  • Interact with your projects wirelessly and make sci-fi possible, right in your home

Book Description

This book will allow you to take full advantage of Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi 3 by building both simple and complex robotic projects. The book takes a mission-critical approach to show you how to build amazing robots and helps you decide which board to use for which type of robot. The book puts a special emphasis on designing mobile (or movable) robots using the Raspberry Pi Zero. The projects will show inexpensive, yet powerful, ways to take full advantage. It will teach you how to program Raspberry Pi, control the movement of your robot, and add features to your robots.

What you will learn

  • Control a variety of different DC motors
  • Add a USB webcam to see what your robot can see
  • Attach a projector to project information
  • Insert USB control hardware to control a complex robot with two legs
  • Include speech recognition so that your projects can receive commands
  • Add speech output to that the robot can communicate with the world around it
  • Include wireless communication so that you can see what the robot is seeing and control the robot from a distance

About the Author

Richard Grimmett has always been fascinated by computers and electronics from his very first programming project that used Fortran on punch cards. He has a bachelor's and master's degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in leadership studies. He also has 26 years of experience in the Radar and Telecommunications industries and even has one of the original brick phones. Currently, he teaches computer science and electrical engineering at Brigham Young University, Idaho, where his office is filled with many of his robotics projects.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi
  2. Building Your Own Futuristic Robot
  3. Building a Wall-E Robot
  4. Building a Robotic Fish
  5. Creating a Robotic Hand with the Raspberry Pi
  6. A Self-Balancing Robot
  7. Adding the Raspberry Pi to a Quadcopter