Learning Google BigQuery: A beginner's guide to mining massive datasets through interactive analysis

Thirukkumaran Haridass, Eric Brown



Get a fundamental understanding of how Google BigQuery works by analyzing and querying large datasets

Key Features

  • Get started with BigQuery API and write custom applications using it
  • Learn how BigQuery API can be used for storing, managing, and query massive datasets with ease
  • A practical guide with examples and use-cases to teach you everything you need to know about Google BigQuery

Book Description

Google BigQuery is a popular cloud data warehouse for large-scale data analytics. This book will serve as a comprehensive guide to mastering BigQuery, and how you can utilize it to quickly and efficiently get useful insights from your Big Data.

You will begin with getting a quick overview of the Google Cloud Platform and the various services it supports. Then, you will be introduced to the Google BigQuery API and how it fits within in the framework of GCP. The book covers useful techniques to migrate your existing data from your enterprise to Google BigQuery, as well as readying and optimizing it for analysis. You will perform basic as well as advanced data querying using BigQuery, and connect the results to various third party tools for reporting and visualization purposes such as R and Tableau. If you're looking to implement real-time reporting of your streaming data running in your enterprise, this book will also help you.

This book also provides tips, best practices and mistakes to avoid while working with Google BigQuery and services that interact with it. By the time you're done with it, you will have set a solid foundation in working with BigQuery to solve even the trickiest of data problems.

What you will learn

  • Get a hands-on introduction to Google Cloud Platform


獲得對Google BigQuery的基本理解,通過分析和查詢大型數據集。

- 使用BigQuery API開始並編寫自定義應用程序
- 學習如何使用BigQuery API輕鬆存儲、管理和查詢大型數據集
- 通過實例和用例的實際指南,教您關於Google BigQuery的一切知識

Google BigQuery是一個用於大規模數據分析的流行雲數據倉庫。本書將作為掌握BigQuery的全面指南,以及如何利用它從大數據中快速高效地獲取有用的洞察。

您將首先快速瞭解Google Cloud Platform及其支持的各種服務。然後,您將介紹Google BigQuery API以及它在GCP框架中的位置。本書涵蓋了將現有數據從企業遷移到Google BigQuery的有用技巧,以及為分析準備和優化數據。您將使用BigQuery進行基本和高級數據查詢,並將結果連接到各種第三方工具進行報告和可視化,如R和Tableau。如果您希望實時報告企業中運行的流式數據,本書也將對您有所幫助。

本書還提供了使用Google BigQuery和與其交互的服務時的技巧、最佳實踐和需要避免的錯誤。通過閱讀本書,您將在解決最棘手的數據問題方面建立堅實的基礎。

- 全面介紹Google Cloud Platform的實踐操作