Building Serverless Applications with Python

Jalem Raj Rohit


Key Features

  • Design and set up the data flow between cloud services and custom business logic
  • Build scalable, reliable, and cost-efficient applications with serverless architecture
  • Build and deploy scalable serverless Python APIs

Book Description

Serverless architecture allows you to build and run applications and services without having to manage the infrastructure. Many companies have started adopting serverless architecture for their applications to save cost and improve scalability. This book will be your companion to design serverless architectures for your applications with AWS (the leading cloud service provider) and Python (a programming language that lets you integrate systems more effectively).

The book is divided into three modules where the first module explains the fundamentals of serverless architecture and the working of AWS lambda functions. In the next module, the you will learn to build, release and deploy their application to production. In this module, you will also learn to log and test their application. In the third module, we will take you through the advanced topics such as build a serverless API for their application.

You will also learn to troubleshoot and monitor their app and AWS lambda programming concepts with API references. Moving on, you will also learn how to scale up serverless applications and handle distributed serverless systems in production.

By the end of the book, you will be equipped with the knowledge needed to build scalable and cost efficient Python applications with the serverless framework.

What you will learn

  • Understand the working of AWS Lambda and Microsoft Azure functions and use it to create an application
  • Understand various triggers and how to select them depending on the problem statement
  • Building deployment packages for lambda functions
  • Finer details about building Lambda functions and versioning them
  • Logging and monitoring serverless applications
  • Building secure, serverless, and highly scalable APIs
  • Understanding security in AWS and Lambda functions
  • Seamlessly scaling up serverless applications for handling huge workloads and handling serverless distributed systems in production
  • Understanding the SAM model deployment in AWS Lambda