Firebase Cookbook

Houssem Yahiaoui

  • 出版商: Packt Publishing
  • 出版日期: 2017-11-30
  • 定價: $1,380
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 288
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1788296338
  • ISBN-13: 9781788296335
  • 相關分類: Google Cloud
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Practical solutions for developing seamless experiences for application that scales. About This Book * A Solution based approach that would help you create high-quality apps for your businesses * Harness the power of real-time database to create apps that work on multiple platforms * Build a customized solution for your app development challenges with Firebase Who This Book Is For This book will assume you have at least a minimum set of skills in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Also, having some familiarity with backend technologies will be helpful. After all we're going to build a backend application that will change the way backend developer works. What You Will Learn * Use Firebase Diverse Authentication systems * Integrate easy, secure File Hosting using Firebase Storage services * Make your application serverless using Firebase Cloud Functions * Use the powerful Firebase Admin SDK for privilege management * Use Firebase within NativeScript apps for cross-platform applications * Modify, structure, save and serve data in and from Realtime Database * Get acquainted with the newly introduce Cloud Firestore, a scalable database for your web and mobile applications In Detail Do you feel tired just thinking or even hearing about backend technologies, authentication or the tedious task of deployment? Firebase is here to change the way you develop and make your app a first-class citizen of the cloud. This books takes a solution based approach by providing you recipes that would help you understand the features of Firebase and implement them in your existing web or mobile applications. We start-off by creating our first Firebase application and integrating its services into different platforms and environments for mobile as well as web applications. Then we deep dive into Real-time Database and Firebase Storage that allows your users to access data across various devices with realtive ease. With each chapter you will gradually create the building blocks of your application from securing your data with Firebase Rules to authenticating your users with O-Auth. Moving along we would explore modern application development techniques such as creating serverless applications with Firebase Cloud Functions or turning your traditional applications into progressive apps with Service workers. Finally you will learn how to create cross-platform mobile apps, integrate Firebase in native platforms, and learn how to monetize your mobile applications using Admob for Android and iOS. Style and approach This recipe-based practical guide presents each topic with step-by-step instructions on how you can create collaborative and efficient progressive applications using the latest features and capabilities in Firebase.


實用的解決方案,用於開發可擴展的應用程式無縫體驗。關於本書: * 以解決方案為基礎的方法,幫助您為您的業務創建高質量的應用程式 * 利用即時數據庫的功能,創建可在多個平台上運行的應用程式 * 使用 Firebase 為您的應用程式開發挑戰構建自定義解決方案 本書適合對 JavaScript、HTML 和 CSS 至少具有最低程度技能的讀者。同時,對後端技術有一定的熟悉將會有所幫助。畢竟,我們將要建立一個將改變後端開發人員工作方式的後端應用程式。您將學到什麼: * 使用 Firebase 多樣化的身份驗證系統 * 整合易於使用、安全的 Firebase 儲存服務進行文件主機 * 使用 Firebase 雲功能使您的應用程式無伺服器 * 使用強大的 Firebase 管理 SDK 進行特權管理 * 在 NativeScript 應用程式中使用 Firebase 進行跨平台應用程式 * 在實時數據庫中修改、結構化、保存和提供數據 * 熟悉新引入的 Cloud Firestore,一個可擴展的數據庫,適用於您的 Web 和移動應用程式 詳細內容: 想到後端技術、身份驗證或繁瑣的部署任務就感到疲憊嗎?Firebase 將改變您的開發方式,使您的應用程式成為雲端的一流公民。本書通過提供幫助您了解 Firebase 功能並在現有的 Web 或移動應用程式中實施它們的食譜,以解決方案為基礎的方法來進行。我們首先創建我們的第一個 Firebase 應用程式,並將其服務集成到不同的平台和環境中,包括移動應用程式和 Web 應用程式。然後,我們深入研究實時數據庫和 Firebase 儲存,使您的用戶能夠輕鬆地在各種設備上訪問數據。隨著每一章的進展,您將逐步建立應用程式的基礎組件,從使用 Firebase 規則保護數據到使用 O-Auth 對用戶進行身份驗證。接著,我們將探索現代應用程式開發技術,例如使用 Firebase 雲功能創建無伺服器應用程式,或將傳統應用程式轉換為具有服務工作者的漸進式應用程式。最後,您將學習如何創建跨平台移動應用程式,將 Firebase 集成到原生平台中,並使用 Admob 為 Android 和 iOS 的移動應用程式實現盈利。風格和方法: 這本基於食譜的實用指南以逐步指導的方式呈現每個主題,讓您了解如何使用 Firebase 的最新功能和能力創建協作和高效的漸進式應用程式。