Blockchain across Oracle

Robert van Molken


Key Features

  • A professional orientation of the Blockchain for Oracle developers and customers
  • From the core concepts to the implications of the Blockchain for Oracle
  • Work with Oracle middleware to set up and implement your own Blockchain on Oracle
  • Work with Blockchain and the Oracle cloud
  • Gain key insights into the industry effects of the Blockchain across Oracle
  • Insight and information for you to decide how to develop your own Oracle Blockchain skillset

Book Description

Blockchain across Oracle is a critically timed book for Oracle developers who want to get up to speed with the details and implications of the Blockchain across the Oracle platform - what the technology implications are for the Blockchain, and how the Blockchain will affect your Oracle customers.

Blockchain across Oracle first of all introduces you to the key history and concepts of the Blockchain as an Oracle developer. You'll really get to understand the Blockchain inside and out. You'll understand all about the Blockchain flow, and how the hashes and chains create a critical new decentralised paradigm for you as an Oracle developer.

You'll then gain key insights into how the Blockchain affects Oracle developers and customers in this modern and worldly era, when world economies and technologies work together to create a new world of possibilities. You'll see how the Blockchain concepts work in the new world where Assets, Transactions, Security, and Privacy can be sustained across a decentralized system for your customers.

You'll then take a detailed look at the cutting-edge Oracle middleware solutions that allow you to work with the Blockchain as an Oracle developer today. You'll learn about hyperledger and multichain, and how to set up an Oracle Blockchain. You'll next see how to run your Oracle Blockchain on the Oracle Cloud.

The final and important section of this book overviews the effects of Oracle Blockchain on different types of Oracle customers. Whether you're working in the finance sector, governance, healthcare or energy sectors, you'll find analysis of how the options and possibilities for you and your clients are being transformed by the Blockchain across Oracle.

What you will learn

  • An Introduction to the Blockchain
  • How the Blockchain affects Oracle developers and customers
  • Understanding the Blockchain flow - blocks, hashes, chains, and mining Blockchain assets, transactions, and consensus
  • Blockchain security and privacy for Oracle developers and clients
  • Public and private Blockchain decisions for Oracle developers
  • How to work with Oracle middleware to implement the Blockchain
  • Running an Oracle Blockchain on the Oracle Cloud
  • How the Blockchain will affect your Oracle customers Specific Oracle industry analysis of the Blockchain across finance, governance, healthcare, and energy sectors
  • The future industry directions for Oracle and the Blockchain