Learning Kotlin by building Android Applications: Explore the fundamentals of Kotlin while building real-world Android applications

Eunice Adutwumwaa Obugyei, Natarajan Raman

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  • 出版日期: 2018-06-22
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  • ISBN-13: 9781788474641
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Learn programming in Kotlin including data types, flow control, lambdas, object-oriented, and functional programming while building 3 Android Apps

Key Features

  • Experience the gentle learning curve of Kotlin as you develop your own applications
  • Learn how to integrate Kotlin into Android Studio and use it in your projects
  • Build real-world applications such as Googly Eyes and games using Kotlin

Book Description

Today Kotlin is an official programming language for Android development and is widely adopted. Kotlin is expressive, concise, and powerful. It also ensures seamless interoperability with existing Android languages like JAVA and C++, which makes it easier to learn a new language for their most favored platform.

This book adopts a project-style approach, where we focus on teaching Android development by building three different Android Application, namely Building you Tic-Tac-Toe application, Developing your location based alarm and lastly a To-Do list application.

The book begins by giving you a strong grasp of the Kotlin language and its APIs as a preliminary to building stunning applications for Android. You'll learn to set up an environment as the difficulty level grows steadily, in line with applications covered in later chapters.

The book also introduces you to the Android Studio IDE, which plays an integral role in Android Development. It covers Kotlin's basic programming concepts such as functions, lambdas, properties, object-oriented code, safety aspects and type parameterization, testing, and concurrency, and helps you write Kotlin code to production.

Finally, you'll be taken through the process of releasing your app on the Google Play Store. You will also be introduced to other app distribution channels such as Amazon App Store.

As a bonus chapter, you will also learn how to use the Google Faces API to detect faces and add fun functionalities.

What you will learn

  • Learn the basics of using the Android Studio IDE and a number of basic programming concepts in Kotlin
  • Discover Android development by building Android apps with Kotlin
  • Uncover some amazing features of Kotlin that give it the upper hand over Java
  • Kotlin Interoperability with Java
  • Integrate Crashlytics for crash reporting and beta testing.
  • Use Google Location services and understand various APIs available for getting user location updates
  • Understand the principles of networking and communication.
  • Learn about the usage of third-party libraries for loading of data
  • Automate your build process with continuous integration tools

Who This Book Is For

If you are completely new to Kotlin or the Android platform and need to publish Android applications for fun or for business purposes, but you have no clue where to start, then this book is for you. This book is also for advanced Android developers who want to learn to use Kotlin instead of/alongside Java for Android development, although having some programming experience would be advantageous.

Table of Contents

  1. Setting up for Android Development
  2. Configuring Your Environment for Kotlin
  3. Data Types, Variables and Constants
  4. Classes and Objects
  5. Type Checks And Null Safety
  6. Functions and Lambdas
  7. Developing your location based alarm
  8. Working with Google's Location Services
  9. Connecting to the Outside World - Networking
  10. Developing a simple ToDoList App
  11. Persisting with Databases
  12. Reminding the User about their Tasks
  13. Testing and Continuous Integration
  14. Making your app available to the world
  15. Googly Eyes with the Google Faces API


學習使用 Kotlin 程式語言,包括資料類型、流程控制、Lambda、物件導向和函數式編程,同時建立三個 Android 應用程式。

- 透過開發自己的應用程式,體驗 Kotlin 的學習曲線。
- 學習如何將 Kotlin 整合到 Android Studio 中,並在專案中使用它。
- 使用 Kotlin 建立實際應用程式,如 Googly Eyes 和遊戲。

如今,Kotlin 是 Android 開發的官方程式語言,並且被廣泛採用。Kotlin 具有表達力、簡潔和強大的特點。它還確保與現有的 Android 語言(如 JAVA 和 C++)無縫互操作,這使得學習新語言變得更容易。

本書採用項目式的方法,通過建立三個不同的 Android 應用程式(即建立井字遊戲應用程式、開發基於位置的鬧鐘和待辦清單應用程式),重點教授 Android 開發。隨著章節的進展,難度逐漸增加,並且與後面章節中涵蓋的應用程式相一致。

本書還介紹了在 Android 開發中起著重要作用的 Android Studio IDE。它涵蓋了 Kotlin 的基本編程概念,如函數、Lambda、屬性、面向對象的代碼、安全性和類型參數化、測試和並發,並幫助您撰寫 Kotlin 代碼以進行生產。

最後,您將了解如何在 Google Play 商店上發布應用程式。您還將介紹其他應用程式分發渠道,如 Amazon App Store。

作為一個額外的章節,您還將學習如何使用 Google Faces API 檢測臉部並添加有趣的功能。

- 學習使用 Android Studio IDE 的基礎知識以及 Kotlin 的一些基本編程概念。
- 通過使用 Kotlin 建立 Android 應用程式,探索 Android 開發。
- 發現 Kotlin 的一些令人驚嘆的功能,使其在與 Java 相比時更具優勢。
- Kotlin 與 Java 的互操作性。
- 整合 Crashlytics 進行錯誤報告和測試。
- 使用 Google 位置服務並了解各種可用於獲取用戶位置更新的 API。
- 了解網絡和通信的原則。
- 了解使用第三方庫加載數據的用法。
- 使用持續集成工具自動化構建流程。

本書適合對 Kotlin 或 Android 平台完全陌生,並且需要出版 Android 應用程式以供娛樂或商業用途的讀者。對於希望學習在 Android 開發中使用 Kotlin 而不是/與 Java 並具有一些編程經驗的高級 Android 開發人員,本書也很適合,但具有一些編程經驗將更有優勢。

1. 設置 Android 開發環境
2. 配置 Kotlin 環境
3. 資料類型、變數和常數
4. 類和物件
5. 類型檢查和空值安全
6. 函數和 Lambda
7. 開發基於位置的鬧鐘
8. 使用 Google 的位置服務
9. 與外部世界連接 - 網絡
10. 開發簡單的待辦清單應用程式
11. 持久化數據庫
12. 提醒用戶完成任務
13. 測試和持續集成
14. 讓您的應用程式面向全球
15. 使用 Google Faces API 的 Googly Eyes