Unity 2018 Artificial Intelligence Cookbook: Over 90 recipes to build and customize AI entities for your games with Unity, 2/e (Paperback)

Jorge Palacios



Explore various recipes to build games using popular artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms such as Navmesh navigation A*, DFS, and UCB1

Key Features

  • Explore different algorithms for creating decision-making agents that go beyond simple behaviors and movement
  • Discover the latest features of the NavMesh API for scripting intelligent behaviour in your game characters
  • Create games that are non-predictable and dynamic and have a high replayability factor

Book Description

Interactive and engaging games come with intelligent enemies, and this intellectual behavior is combined with a variety of techniques collectively referred to as Artificial Intelligence. Exploring Unity's API, or its built-in features, allows limitless possibilities when it comes to creating your game's worlds and characters. This cookbook covers both essential and niche techniques to help you take your AI programming to the next level.

To start with, you'll quickly run through the essential building blocks of working with an agent, programming movement, and navigation in a game environment, followed by improving your agent's decision-making and coordination mechanisms - all through hands-on examples using easily customizable techniques. You'll then discover how to emulate the vision and hearing capabilities of your agent for natural and humanlike AI behavior, and later improve the agents with the help of graphs. This book also covers the new navigational mesh with improved AI and pathfinding tools introduced in the Unity 2018 update. You'll empower your AI with decision-making functions by programming simple board games, such as tic-tac-toe and checkers, and orchestrate agent coordination to get your AIs working together as one.

By the end of this book, you'll have gained expertise in AI programming and developed creative and interactive games.

What you will learn

  • Create intelligent pathfinding agents with popular AI techniques such as A* and A*mbush
  • Implement different algorithms for adding coordination between agents and tactical algorithms for different purposes
  • Simulate senses so agents can make better decisions, taking account of the environment
  • Explore different algorithms for creating decision-making agents that go beyond simple behaviors and movement
  • Create coordination between agents and orchestrate tactics when dealing with a graph or terrain
  • Implement waypoints by making a manual selector

Who this book is for

The Unity 2018 Artificial Intelligence Cookbook is for you if you are eager to get more tools under your belt to solve AI- and gameplay-related problems. Basic knowledge of Unity and prior knowledge of C# is an advantage.

Table of Contents

  1. Behaviors- Intelligent Movement
  2. Navigation
  3. Decision Making
  4. The new NavMesh API
  5. Coordination and Tactics
  6. Agent Awarness
  7. Board Games and Applied Search AI
  8. Learning Techniques
  9. Procedural Content Generation
  10. Miscellaneous




  • 探索不同的演算法,以創建超越簡單行為和移動的決策代理

  • 了解NavMesh API的最新功能,以在遊戲角色中編寫智能行為

  • 創建具有高重玩性的不可預測和動態的遊戲



首先,您將快速瞭解在代理中使用的基本構建塊,編程遊戲環境中的移動和導航,然後通過使用易於自定義的技術的實例來改進代理的決策和協調機制。然後,您將瞭解如何模擬代理的視覺和聽覺能力,以實現自然和類人的AI行為,並通過圖形改進代理。本書還介紹了Unity 2018更新中引入的具有改進AI和路徑規劃工具的新導航網格。您將通過編程簡單的棋盤遊戲(如井字遊戲和跳棋)來賦予您的AI決策功能,並協調代理以使您的AI一起工作。



  • 使用流行的AI技術(如A*和A*mbush)創建智能尋路代理

  • 實現不同的演算法,以增加代理之間的協調和不同目的的戰術演算法

  • 模擬感官,使代理能夠更好地根據環境做出決策

  • 探索不同的演算法,以創建超越簡單行為和移動的決策代理

  • 在處理圖形或地形時,創建代理之間的協調和策略

  • 通過製作手動選擇器實現路徑點


《Unity 2018人工智慧食譜》適合那些渴望掌握更多工具以解決AI和遊戲相關問題的讀者。具備Unity的基本知識和C#的先備知識將是一個優勢。


  1. 行為-智能移動

  2. 導航

  3. 決策製定

  4. 新的NavMesh API

  5. 協調和戰術

  6. 代理感知

  7. 棋盤遊戲和應用搜索AI

  8. 學習技術

  9. 程序生成內容

  10. 其他