Hands-On UX Design for Developers

Elvis Canziba

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Hands-On UX and UI Design for Developers will teach you complete steps of product design and development. Explanation of what is a full-stack designer

Key Features

  • Learn all the tools that you need to be a complete UX designer.
  • Become a Full-Stack Designer by coding your created product designs.
  • Create amazing portfolio with real world projects and be hired.

Book Description

The UX field is growing rapidly, and most business are realizing that for achieving their goals, it requires a product presence aligned with customer needs. User Experience is an essential part of product creation today, but the process of it can be long and costly. So on this book we are going to explain from the most basics of UX up to the advanced part of it.

If you want to learn the process, tools and techniques that is required for creating a great user experience (UX) design, this hands-on guide has you covered.

We'll start off our journey by understanding what is UX in the first place, why we need UX, how to do UX, how to do discovery, planning, research and design with good UX in mind, than we will explain the Full-Stack Design dilemma and what is more important we will dive deeper explaining the development side of an UX project.

With this book you will gain the ability to think like a UX designer, understand both sides of product development, the design and coding part. How to create engaging human centered design practices, UX methodologies, UX process itself, animation, interaction and in the end prepare your portfolio and become job ready on UX field.

What you will learn

  • We'll start with what is UX
  • UX Process and science of making anything user-friendly
  • How to create interfaces and which tools to use.
  • Measuring how your design works in the real world.
  • What does ux designer do, and what areas he covers.
  • Create UI Interaction, animation, wireframes and prototypes.
  • How to design product with users in mind.
  • Create personal portfolio and be job ready to join the UX world.

Who This Book Is For

The ideal target users for this book would be web designers who have knowledge of basic UX design principles.