Practical Mobile Forensics - Third Edition

Rohit Tamma, Oleg Skulkin, Heather Mahalik, Satish Bommisetty


Investigate, analyze, and report iOS, Android, and Windows devices

Key Features

  • Get hands-on experience in performing simple to complex mobile forensics techniques.
  • Retrieve and analyze data stored not only on mobile devices but also through the cloud and other connected mediums.
  • A practical guide to leveraging the power of mobile forensics on popular mobile platforms with lots of tips, tricks, and caveats.

Book Description

Covering up-to-date mobile platforms, this book will focuses on teaching you the most recent techniques for investigating mobile devices. We delve mobile forensics techniques in iOS 9-11, Android 7-8 devices, and Windows 10. We will demonstrate the latest open source and commercial mobile forensics tools, enabling you to analyze and retrieve data effectively. You will learn how to introspect and retrieve data from the cloud, and document and prepare reports of your investigations.

By the end of this book, you will have mastered the current operating systems and the relevant techniques to recover data from mobile devices by leveraging open source solutions.

What you will learn

  • Discover the new techniques in practical mobile forensics
  • Understand the architecture and security mechanisms present in iOS and Android platforms
  • Identify sensitive files on the iOS and Android platforms
  • Set up a forensic environment
  • Extract data from the iOS and Android platforms
  • Recover data on the iOS and Android platforms
  • Understand the forensics of Windows devices
  • Explore various third-party application techniques and data recovery techniques




- 「獲得實踐經驗,執行從簡單到複雜的移動設備取證技術。」
- 「檢索和分析存儲在移動設備以及通過雲端和其他連接媒介的數據。」
- 「實用指南,利用流行的移動平台上的移動証據學的力量,提供許多技巧、技巧和注意事項。」


「本書涵蓋最新的移動平台,專注於教授您最新的調查移動設備技術。我們深入探討iOS 9-11、Android 7-8設備和Windows 10的移動証據技術。我們將演示最新的開源和商業移動証據工具,使您能夠有效地分析和檢索數據。您將學習如何檢查和從雲端檢索數據,並記錄和準備調查報告。」



- 「了解實踐移動証據學的新技術」
- 「了解iOS和Android平台的架構和安全機制」
- 「識別iOS和Android平台上的敏感文件」
- 「設置取證環境」
- 「從iOS和Android平台提取數據」
- 「恢復iOS和Android平台上的數據」
- 「了解Windows設備的取證」
- 「探索各種第三方應用程序技術和數據恢復技術」