AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Guide: The ultimate exam guide to AWS Solutions Architect certification

Gabriel Ramirez, Stuart Scott

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Learn from the AWS subject-matter experts, apply real-world scenarios and clear the AWS Certified Solutions Architect –Associate exam

Key Features

  • Build highly reliable and scalable workloads on the AWS platform
  • Pass the exam in less time and with confidence
  • Get up and running with building and managing applications on the AWS platform

Book Description

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is currently the leader in the public cloud market. With an increasing global interest in leveraging cloud infrastructure, the AWS Cloud from Amazon offers a cutting-edge platform for architecting, building, and deploying web-scale cloud applications.

As more the rate of cloud platform adoption increases, so does the need for cloud certification. The AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate Guide is your one-stop solution to gaining certification. Once you have grasped what AWS and its prerequisites are, you will get insights into different types of AWS services such as Amazon S3, EC2, VPC, SNS, and more to get you prepared with core Amazon services. You will then move on to understanding how to design and deploy highly scalable applications. Finally, you will study security concepts along with the AWS best practices and mock papers to test your knowledge.

By the end of this book, you will not only be fully prepared to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam but also capable of building secure and reliable applications.

What you will learn

  • Explore AWS terminology and identity and access management
  • Acquaint yourself with important cloud services and features in categories such as compute, network, storage, and databases
  • Define access control to secure AWS resources and set up efficient monitoring
  • Back up your database and ensure high availability by understanding all of the database-related services in the AWS Cloud
  • Integrate AWS with your applications to meet and exceed non-functional requirements
  • Build and deploy cost-effective and highly available applications

Who this book is for

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect –Associate Guide is for you if you are an IT professional or Solutions Architect wanting to pass the AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate 2018 exam. This book is also for developers looking to start building scalable applications on AWS

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Amazon Web Services
  2. AWS Global Infrastructure Overview
  3. Elasticity and Scalability Concepts
  4. Hybrid Cloud Architectures
  5. Resilient Patterns
  6. Event Driven and Stateless Architectures
  7. Integrating Application Services
  8. Disaster Recovery Strategies
  9. Storage Options
  10. Matching Supply and Demand
  11. Introducing Amazon Elastic MapReduce
  12. Web Scale Applications
  13. Understanding Access Control
  14. Encryption & Key Management
  15. Overview of Security and Compliance Services
  16. AWS Security best practices
  17. Web Application Security
  18. Cost Effective Resources
  19. Working with Infrastructure as Code
  20. Automation with AWS
  21. Introduction to the DevOps practice in AWS
  22. Mock Test 1
  23. Mock Test 2


從 AWS 專家學習,應用真實場景並通過 AWS 認證解決方案架構師 - 聯合考試。

- 在 AWS 平台上構建高度可靠且可擴展的工作負載
- 在更短的時間內自信通過考試
- 開始建立和管理 AWS 平台上的應用程式

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 目前是公有雲市場的領導者。隨著全球對雲基礎架構利用的興趣增加,亞馬遜的 AWS 雲提供了一個先進的平台,用於架構、構建和部署規模化的雲應用程式。

隨著雲平台採用率的增加,對雲認證的需求也隨之增加。AWS 認證解決方案架構師 - 聯合指南是您獲得認證的一站式解決方案。一旦您掌握了 AWS 及其先決條件,您將深入了解不同類型的 AWS 服務,如 Amazon S3、EC2、VPC、SNS 等,以便為核心 Amazon 服務做好準備。然後,您將繼續了解如何設計和部署高度可擴展的應用程式。最後,您將學習安全概念以及 AWS 最佳實踐和模擬試卷來測試您的知識。

通過閱讀本書,您不僅將完全準備通過 AWS 認證解決方案架構師 - 聯合考試,還能夠構建安全可靠的應用程式。

- 探索 AWS 術語和身份和訪問管理
- 熟悉重要的雲服務和類別中的功能,如計算、網路、儲存和資料庫
- 定義存取控制以保護 AWS 資源並設置有效的監控
- 通過了解 AWS 雲中所有與資料庫相關的服務,備份您的資料庫並確保高可用性
- 將 AWS 整合到您的應用程式中,以滿足並超越非功能性需求
- 構建並部署具有成本效益且高可用性的應用程式

- 如果您是 IT 專業人士或解決方案架構師,希望通過 AWS 認證解決方案架構師 - 聯合 2018 考試,則本書適合您。本書也適合開發人員希望在 AWS 上開始構建可擴展應用程式的人士。

1. 介紹 Amazon Web Services
2. AWS 全球基礎架構概述
3. 彈性和可擴展性概念
4. 混合雲架構
5. 韌性模式
6. 事件驅動和無狀態架構
7. 整合應用程式服務
8. 災難恢復策略
9. 儲存選項
10. 匹配供應和需求
11. 介紹 Amazon Elastic MapReduce
12. Web 規模應用程式
13. 了解存取控制
14. 加密和金鑰管理
15. 安全和合規性服務概述
16. AWS 安全最佳實踐
17. Web 應用程式安全
18. 成本效益的資源
19. 使用基礎架構即代碼
20. 使用 AWS 自動化
21. 介紹 AWS 中的 DevOps 實踐
22. 模擬測試 1
23. 模擬測試 2